Silent Hill Nurse Cosplay Tutorial

Halloween is vastly approaching, so I figured a spooky costume tutorial would be perfect!😀 This one was created by AWE me!

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Blogger Status

Content has slowed here and the only reason I can give is basically… Life. I’ve been insanely busy with my job, planning my wedding, and working on costumes. The interviews have slowed coming in, but the amount of resources and tutorials have increased, so I’m working to continue mixing it up. I’m still attending cons here and there, so I do reviews as I can.

So, thank you to everyone out there reading, contributing, or just overall sharing this blog. As long as it continues to help and enrich our colorful community, I’ll continue to upkeep it to the best of my ability.❤

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Werks 3D Review

For Denver Comic Con, I attended an event known as Club Cosplay, where I won a free 3D scan with a company known as Werks 3D. Now, they’ve been a staple at the convention for the last couple of years or so and I’ve seen friends get scanned in their costumes, soooo… Of course I had to try it out!

I went on Saturday, early in the afternoon, and looked over everything. My scan was free, but it usually costs money, and I’d say it’s in the moderate price range. It gets expensive when you pick out the figurine you want, depending on size, material, and coloration. I went with a smaller colored figurine, while I was dressed as Psylocke from X-Men. The booth informed me they were running behind and that I’d need to come back in a couple of hours to do the scan. They added me to the list and off I went until it was my turn!

When I got back to the booth at my time, they instructed me on how to stand in the scanner and to maintain the pose the entire duration. I got in and stood on a little pedestal, and with help from the creator, he got me posed best for the figurine I’d picked out. Little figurines can break off on pieces if they’re overly detailed, so we made sure to do things to avoid that. I stood in my pose, still as possible, while the pedestal turned and scanned. I think I was in there for a little over five minutes, at most 8. Once finished, the creator had me come look at the scan and agree if I liked it or not. They then informed me I’d get status on shipping and such after the convention via email.

After the con, about a week or so later, I did get emailed about everything was currently being printed and shipping would be in the following month. No joke, they were perfect on their time estimation, and lo and behold, my little “self” arrived. Now, straight out of the box, the colors look off, but they photograph beautifully. The figurine does look exactly like me in my costume. I actually got a little confidence boost seeing I have a nice figure, lol!

All in all, it as a fun experience. It costs a decent penny, but the end result is pretty cool. I wouldn’t do something like this all the time, but certain costumes? Oh yeah, that’ll be worth it.



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Lolita Headband Tutorial

This tutorial was created by Smallrinilady and teaches you how to create adorable headbands!😀


Lolita Headband Tutorial by Smallrinilady

Hope this helps!!😀

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More Wig Resources from the Readers

So, the other day, I asked people that read the blog for more wig resources to share based off of who they all order from. Of course, I got many I already have on here, but there were some new ones as well!

  1. – They have a pretty nice selection of wigs for decent pricing on their site, including the line of wigs Yaya Han did. From those that have ordered there before, shipping was affordable as well!
  2. – Again, a nice range of items and everything is super cheap as it is a Chinese retailer. However, that means shipping times and fees can range, so I’d suggest making sure to order fairly early before you need your purchase.

So, there you have it! Hope these can be added to your lists for more places to go!😀


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Interview with Breezeeweezee Cosplay

It’s time for another interview, this time with Breezeeweezee Cosplay! She’s a lovely gal from Canada, who is out to help the cosplay community via blogging!


Breezeeweezee Cosplay as Psyduck from Pokemon, photo by Angera Photography

What’s your cosplay alias and why did you choose it?
Breezeeweezee Cosplay is my cosplay name. It was a nickname my mom always used to call me. It kinda disappeared after a while, but when all my favorite user names were taken for a social media, I went back to Breezeeweezee. A couple years later when I started cosplaying, the name just stuck with the account, and I’ve been rolling with it ever since!

How many years have you been cosplaying and what got you started?
I have been cosplaying for about a year now. I started making my first cosplay in April of 2015, and I wore my first finished cosplay to Animethon in August of 2015! I started cosplaying because I found out what it actually was. I always thought that people dressing up at conventions were paid models or mascots of sorts. I had no idea that these amazing people, talented artists, were dressing up for fun to support a fandom. I was awestruck and immediately jumped on board. I’ve been in love ever since!

What has been some of your favorite things to work with when constructing costumes and why?
I am currently in love with foam. Craft foam and EVA foam. I’ve slowly been working towards bigger builds, so I’ve been experimenting with it and hoping to start using thermoplastics. But for detailing, and quick shaping, craft foam is so easy to work with.


Breezeeweezee Cosplay as Moon Knight from Marvel Comics, photo by Capertured Photography

What are you excited to be working with in the future and why?
Thermoplastics for sure, and if everything goes as planned, I will hopefully be working with electronic sound clips and LED lights! I can’t tell you what cosplay it’s for just yet.😉

What are some of the traits you like to see in other costumes and who do you think does well in them?
Details! Either the subtle details that no one thinks about that really compliment a costume, or the difference between embroidering something, or painting on details. My jaw drops when I see some costumes. No names come to mind right now, but I think everyone has a cosplay they’re so proud of – that one cosplay they put endless hours into, and everything turned out so perfect.

What is your view of the “cosplay scene”?
I’m in love with the cosplay community. Art can be such a challenge with fraud, people stealing ideas, etc. With cosplay, everyone is doing it for the same reason, so everyone is very open and eager to share tips and ideas. When you see someone cosplaying the same thing as you, you gush over each other rather than bashing them or saying you wore it better. I find the cosplayers in the community are amazing.

What are some of the things you want to see change in the scene?
I would say take these types of people out of the community: the pervs, the jerks, the body shamers. We need to support each other in the community and stand up against the rude bullies and ignore them.


Breezeeweezee Cosplay as Bombshell Harley Quinn from DC Comics, photo by arkCAMphotography

What is some advice you could give people starting to get into cosplay?
Your number one priority should be FUN. Don’t stress about money, or trying to be cos-famous. You can thrift pieces and save money, and you will have so much more fun at conventions if you just cosplay for you and you don’t spend all your time trying to get as many pictures taken as possible. Make new friends and have an amazing time with your new hobby.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask other cosplayers how they made something! It’s a great way to start a new friendship and learn some new things at the same time. I love chatting on social media about anything and everything!

What are some of your favorite conventions you’ve attended and why?
In Canada the conventions are less heard of, but the big ones in Alberta are Calgary and Edmonton Expo, which I am now a regular at both! These are your average, big, geek expos. We also have a few anime expos that are getting more popular each year – Animethon in Edmonton and Otafest in Calgary. I haven’t yet been to Otafest but it seems like a blast!

I love conventions. I love meeting new people. I love attending panels. But mostly, I think I enjoy looking at and buying all the cool things the vendors set up each year. There’s so much to see and it’s all so amazing!

Give a random fact about one of your costumes that you’re proud of!
Definitely my Ninetales comes to mind. The tails are made out of brushed yarn. I put over 90 hours into the tails alone. Also, this was my first cosplay!


Breezeeweezee Cosplay as Ninetales from Pokémon, photo by Capertured Photography

Thanks for the interview, Breezeeweezee Cosplay! You can check out her Facebook page here, her blog here, her Instagram here, her Twitter here, and her Etsy here!

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Denver Comic Con 2016 Review

Another year, another Denver Comic Con. This year, we were very laid back in our attendance, even though I might have gone a little crazy with finishing costumes prior to the convention.

My fiancé and I actually went to our hotel on Thursday night, but instead of our usual Hyatt Regency stay, we went with the Hilton Garden Inn, which had recently been remodeled. We kept low-key, meeting up with friends and playing some Cards Against Humanity, in hopes to get up early the next day for the actual convention.

Friday, I managed to finally crawl out of bed and get into costume around noon. We missed the long badge line of everyone waiting to get in, and proceeded down to the con as Lana and Archer from the Archer TV series. We had a lot of people enjoy us being dorks as the characters, and we primarily focused on getting a lot of comic books graded and then waiting in line to get Stan Lee’s autograph. This was the major hiccup of the con for me…

Stan Lee started signing earlier than expected and the man is a machine for his age, but they took care of Speed Passes and VIPs first, no matter how long everyone else had been waiting. In the past, people signing pause and let one or two regular people through at the same time, just to keep things moving. I don’t know if it was his handlers or staff of DCC that did this for this year, but it was causing everyone to get grumpy.

However, everyone did make it through and get to briefly chat with Stan Lee, and little kids he’d make sure to greet and shake their hands. It was worth the wait to just experience and get his signature.

After that, I had been in heels for well over 5 hours and needed food. We changed out, ate at our hotel, and got me into Poison Ivy from Batman for Club Cosplay Denver. You can read that review here. Once back to the hotel that night, we had another snafu with friends getting food poisoning, so I ended up taking care of them until they started feeling well enough to sleep. Our hotel proved to be awesomely staffed, as the front desk helped us out with a ton of water bottles for free and offering up medication on hand that would help.❤

My fiancé and I got up late again on Saturday, missing the line once more. I went to the con as Psylocke from X-Men and managed to walk the entirety of the Dealer’s Hall and see everything. We bought some art prints, met up with a few friends and took some pictures, and then I picked up Lena Heady’s autograph for a friend. She was super nice and had a blast making jokes with me. I also did the 3D scanning  and paid to receive a figure of myself at 3DWerks after winning one from Club Cosplay’s costume contest.

We left later in the day to get food and met up with some friends and had a relatively chill night. There was a bit of drama, but it doesn’t pertain to this post, so I’ll say it really isn’t worth going into, lol.

We got up early on Sunday and finished packing up, taking everything we already had home before coming back to finish the convention. We then went around and picked up several comics, some more art, and chatted with friends before heading home. I never wore a costume this day as it was waaaaaay too hot and I was pretty well exhausted.

So, overall, I enjoyed the convention, but I had a few things to nitpick this year from what I experienced and noticed… While there was a nice line-up of celebrities, it seemed less than last year’s picks, and I know some cancelled this year because of scheduling conflicts. I also barely saw any panels that were terribly noteworthy, and in previous years, you usually had to plan a decent schedule to fit in a ton of panels. While lines moved quickly, the whole thing at Stan Lee’s booth made me cringe, but again, that may be his people and not DCC’s fault. Lastly, a huge shout out to the Hilton Garden Inn for being one of my best hotel stays ever. Great food, awesome staff, and a nice atmosphere. I’ll be staying there again next year, for sure.

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