Where Have the Interviews Gone?

I get asked why there isn’t any new interviews being published on here…

Well, plain and simple, I send out invites, people show interest, and I never get anything back. As I work full-time, am prepping for conventions, and am dealing with rising health issues, I don’t chase the sent interviews. I feel bad, because I’d love to have more turned in, but I just do not have the time to basically “nag” people for them. This includes photographers and cosplayers. Plus, a lot of them are honestly quite busy themselves, so I get why it becomes something on the back-burner.

Now, this doesn’t mean there won’t be anymore interviews. I do plan to send some stuff out this weekend since I finally get a break in everything. I’m hoping to get some new interviews coming in, even if just a couple, to share with you all.❤

Until then, feel free to check out old interviews and features. Always feel free to send new content, such as suggested resources, tutorials, etc. in to share! This is for the community, after all!

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Steampunk Bracelet Tutorial

Time for another tutorial! This one looks pretty fun and simple to follow, and was created by Dorinootje!


Steampunk Bracelet Tutorial by Dorinootje

Hope this helps!😀



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HYDRA Badge Resource

I was contacted by a gentleman, Craig, who created an app to create your own HYDRA badge! After how awesome the Agents of SHIELD badge was, I decided to share this here!

Follow this link to create your own!

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Guest Article: Cosplay Infographic

Besides providing a platform to express one’s self, cosplay has also become a way to build relationships and have fun.

Some cosplay facts are listed in the following infographic by Magicangeleyes, which is titled: “Cosplay. Who, What, When, Where, & Why.”

According to the infographic, 64% of cosplayers are female and 60% of the total cosplay population are in the age range of 22-39.

To find out more, check out the infographic below:

facts (1)

Cosplay Infographic by Magic Angel Eyes

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Poison Ivy Make-up Tutorial

Time for another tutorial! This is a video created by Bonnie Carbon SFX that teaches you how to create your own look for Poison Ivy!

Hope this helps!😀

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Living for the Moment’ Founder Needs the Community’s Help!

On January 15, 2016, Arjay, the founder for Living for the Moments Cosplay site, came home to find his home one fire. He and his father lost everything, including 3 dogs and their bird. The bright side was that one of the dogs was saved, but unfortunately has extensive damage… So with vet bills and having to relocate with nothing but what’s on their backs.. Arjay and his dad need this amazing community’s help!

If you can even spare just $1, please think about donating! You can see the page and learn more information here. Let’s show what this wonderful cosplay community is made of, everyone!

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Shoe Paint Tutorial

This tutorial was created by NyuNyuCosplay and is the exact way I paint my shoes, so I can safely say it works wonders! This is very easy to follow and seriously has great results!


Shoe Paint Tutorial by NyuNyuCosplay

Hope this helps!😀



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