Cosplay Melee Episode 1 Review

Ok, guys, after the Heroes of Cosplay mess, I was less than thrilled to hear about another SyFy show about cosplayers coming to the airwaves. I had friends posting they’d be on it, and that it was more like the show Face Off, but I was still very anxious about it.

Holy poop, I was wrong. The show features 4 cosplayers per episode and they construct props for a prompt. One cosplayer gets eliminated, then the final three make a full costume from the prompt. The judges are varied… One’s a super fan, another is a cosplay model, and the last is a studio creator.

I was blown away by the constructive criticism from the judges being actually useful, followed by the actual pieces made by each cosplayer. The fact the winner is congratulated by the other contestants made me ecstatic and tear up. THAT is what I’ve experienced at competitions that has kept me in this community so long. The appreciation and love from others. THAT is what should be shown on television.

While I don’t want to go into a ton of details, as I don’t want to spoil for anyone who has yet to watch the episode… DO IT. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

Thanks SyFy, for doing the community right this time. I’ll be looking forward to episode 2!

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Guest Post: Cosplay Time Management by Maridah

This post was originally done on Maridah’s website and blog here! I highly suggest checking out her work and giving her some love! You can see the original post here!

Time management for cosplayers can be a huge challenge. Here’s my tips for staying on track, even if you don’t have a lot of time to work on cosplay.


I’ve balanced full time jobs with cosplay, running a small business, and taking on side jobs with varying levels of success over the years. In the process, I’ve learned a lot about how to be more efficient! These are steps that have helped me stay on track.


Organize your Work Area

Having your supplies and tools accessible will improve your efficiency when working on a project. By cutting down on the time spent looking for things you need, you put more time back into your construction.


Invest in Tools

Having the right tools is important not just for the quality of your costume, but also the speed at which you finish it. If you find yourself routinely making bias tape or ruffles, having tools such as a ruffler foot or a bias tape maker will improve your workflow. Owning rotary cutters can speed up cutting out patterns.


Take Breaks

Take short breaks regularly while working. This will help you avoid burn out and improve focus. (Just don’t take a break doing something that is a time sink!) Give yourself 10 minutes every so often to disconnect from your project. You’ll produce better results by avoiding overworking.


Calendar Out Projects

Using a monthly calendar to chart out deadlines for costumes will allow you to visualize just how much work needs to be done. It also can help you rationalize a realistic timeframe for making something. Writing out notes and estimates on how long you think you need to complete a project will help you make better choices on how many costumes you obligate yourself into to making.


Time Scheduling

Commit to a time block to work on tasks. Sticking to a schedule every week makes projects more manageable. If you set aside 2 hours each night for 5 days a week to work on cosplay, you may be surprised at what you can get done. This is especially critical for those of us who work full time jobs but have an active interest in this hobby.


Use Apps that Help with Planning

There are a number of organizational applications available for smart phones, computers and tablets. Making use of calendars, project planners, and list applications can help you stay on track. The application Cosplanner is one app that is geared towards cosplayers specifically, and contains a number of features that are extremely useful.



Be honest with yourself about what projects are more important to you. Taking on too many costume plans can sabotage all your projects. Many cosplayers will opt into making too many costumes and end up not finishing or not being satisfied with what they make. It is important to consider what projects matter more to you, or you may bite off more than you can chew.


Outline your Goals

Visualize what matters to you, and write those goals down. Make choices on what you work on next with your goals in mind. For example, if you want improve your skill with Worbla, pick a costume with armor to move up your project list. Maybe you want to cosplay something that challenges your sewing skills, helps you break out of your comfort zone, could win best in show at an event, or helps you get more traction online. Any goal is a valid one, so don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself when outlying your goals.


Avoid Time Sinks

Imgur or Wikipedia might be really engrossing but allowing hours to slip away online can sabotage your progress. Identifying time sinks that do not benefit you is important. Cutting out behavior that wastes time helps you work towards your goals.


Balancing life with cosplay construction isn’t easy if you work long hours or have a demanding schedule. You won’t be a superstar at scheduling and time management every week, but if you pace yourself and prioritize it is possible to do more with what time you have.


Best of luck on your projects! ❤
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Mermaid Seashell Bra Tutorial

This tutorial was created by Pro-Shower-Singer and while lengthy, will teach you how to create your own mermaid seashell bra! And the results are absolutely beautiful!


Mermaid Seashell Bra Tutorial Part 1 by Pro-Shower-Singer


Mermaid Seashell Bra Tutorial Part 2 by Pro-Shower-Singer

Hope this helps! 😀

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Seiya’s GoFundMe to Cover Unexpected Hospital Bills

One of my best friends, Seiya, had a very unexpected hospital stay right around the beginning of the year that resulted in her gall bladder being removed. Due to her wife having to help take care of her, money wasn’t coming in, and they had to close their online stores as Seiya recovered. Now, their stores are open again for simple orders, but, bills are still popping up.

If you have anything to spare or could even help spread the word, their GoFundMe is located here. Thanks for reading, and let’s try and help one of our own! ❤

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New Fabric Resource!

Today, I’m sharing a new fabric resource for ordering online that I stumbled upon!

  1. Fabric Depot – This site has a nice variety of fabrics to choose from, ranging from bridal, to spandex, to flannel! The pricing is pretty much average for the cost of the variety of fabrics, such as spandex ranging from $9 a yard to $20. There’s free shipping in the U.S. for orders over $65, which is awesome for big orders! Otherwise, shipping looks average compared to other fabric stores online and yes, they do ship international!

Hope this new resource can help someone out for their next cosplay! 😀

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Ponytail Wig Tutorial

This tutorial was created by Socksy Cosplay and is SUPER easy to follow! Watch the video to learn more! 😀

Hope this helps! ❤

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End of 2016… Off to 2017!

Who all is ready for this new year? Glad to see the raise of hands, lol!

While I had an awesome year for costumes and conventions, I’m stoked for everything I get to do for 2017! I completed five costumes, but I unfortunately got very few pictures… So, a resolution on the cosplay front is to be more involved with working with photographers!

I managed to attend two conventions, and while I wish I could do more, finances dictated otherwise. I’m hoping to at least be able to go to Denver Comic Con in 2017, but I’m currently working on planning a wedding for this new year and money will be tight. While I’d love to do more traveling and such and see more of the community, it’s probably not going to happen.

Social media is something I need to be better at, whether it be on my own personal cosplay page and such, but definitely here. I’m going to do more reaching out for interviews from both photographers and cosplayers, along with more resource hunting. I’ll attempt some more articles and the like, but I’d rather focus on bringing more for the community as a whole. ❤

Here’s to 2017! 😀

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