Another Bead Ordering Resource!

It’s been awhile since I’ve found a resource to share with you all!šŸ˜€ But, I did! This is another place I’ve been following on Instagram that sells beads, crystals, and other jewelry-making supplies!

  1. The Bead Factory – Much like other bead stores, this place has a huge variety of items to choose from! Everything is affordably priced to order and shipping is based on the weight of the shipment, much like other beading stores. I’ve yet to order from here, but do plan on doing so soon (cause, shinies).

Hope this resource can help others out!šŸ˜€

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Rocky Mountain Con 2016 Review

November 5th and 6th held host to a local con held called Rocky Mountain Con. It is a small event and venue, but the proceeds benefit the charity, Aurora Rise, which gives money to the family members and victims of the Aurora Theater shooting. I only attended Sunday this year, and while the single day pass is a little pricy, it all goes to charity which is fine by me.

The convention was held at the Denver International Airport’s Crowne Plaza. My fianceĀ and I remembered it was a little difficult to find the ticket area last year, but quickly located it in the same spot this year… But still no signage to direct anyone there. We got our wristbands easily enough, but there was convention handouts given, however, once again, everything was in the same room. Vendors, artists, guests, and programming were all jam-packed together, which is just confusing and difficult to hear things when programming is going on.

They once againĀ had a nice mix of artists, guests, and actual dealers working the crowd. I noticed immediately, though, some vendors seemed disinterested in selling their wares or striking up conversations, and some had even left early, or were in the process of doing so. There were aĀ lot moreĀ industry guests than last year, and a smaller amount of cosplay guests, so it was a nice mix compared to the previous year. It was also nice to see more local cosplay guests as well! We did notice however that the foot traffic was slim to none, and admittedly, this was the last day of the con with a costume contest about to go on, but that had about 50 contestants or so. I spoke with several vendors, and they all stated that while Saturday was decent for sales and people, Sunday was terrible. They had been informed there was a lot more traffic expected than what actually happened. Everyone, myself included, felt the advertising was poorly done this year, even in comparison to last year’s.

Once again, while I did have fun and enjoyed seeing lots of friends, I’m doubting returning next year. Scheduling/programming needs to be more upfront via a handout or something and putting panels and the like in a different area would also be nice. More advertising for the con itself to bring more people in HAS to happen to allow the convention to survive; many vendors and artists stated they will not return to lose money at a show again. While the con itself is made with good intentions, changes have to be made to let it thrive and grow in its purpose.

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Thor: Goddess of Thunder Helmet Tutorial

This tutorial was created by ScissorWizardCosplay and teaches you to create your own Thor helm! She does suggest on her original posting to play with the sizing a bit with the maskĀ before securing everything into place, so I definitely wanted to include that!


Thor: Goddess of Thunder Helmet Tutorial created by ScissorWizardCosplay

Hope this helps!šŸ˜€

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Choosing to do a Cosplay Group

So, one of my major things I love doing for conventions is joining cosplay groups. However, over the years, I’ve learned that you don’t want to get carried away with what you volunteer for. I had a year where I had to bust out 4 different costumes in only a few months to fulfill the groups I signed up for… and even then, half the other people didn’t do them.

Basically, just remember, while it’s fun, don’t stress yourself out. I usually choose characters I really want to make, group or not. I also work with everyone to at least attempt to match fabrics if they’re all supposed to look the same (think Love Live! or Sailor Moon). This alone can be a blast because you can easily do meet-ups if it’s local, or have some fun Skype sessions! I also love sending one another progress photos so it keeps everyone motivated! Give yourself plenty of time for your project!

Always remember to also trouble-shoot if you’re having problems. Part of the fun of group costumes is learning and teachingĀ new things from others. Go those few extra steps to really make it something special, but know your time frame. REMEMBER, IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!

When the convention or meet-up time arrives, forget the stress you may have felt (especially towards the end)Ā and enjoy the time around your friends. Get those photos and those memories!

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Silent Hill Nurse Cosplay Tutorial

Halloween is vastly approaching, so I figured a spooky costume tutorial would be perfect!šŸ˜€ This one was created by AWE me!

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Blogger Status

Content has slowed here and the only reason I can give is basically… Life. I’ve been insanely busy with my job, planning my wedding, and working on costumes. The interviews have slowed coming in, but the amount of resources and tutorials have increased, so I’m working to continue mixing it up. I’m still attending cons here and there, so I do reviews as I can.

So, thank you to everyone out there reading, contributing, or just overall sharing this blog. As long as it continues to help and enrich our colorful community, I’ll continue to upkeep it to the best of my ability.ā¤

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Werks 3D Review

For Denver Comic Con, I attended an event known as Club Cosplay, where I won a free 3D scan with a company known as Werks 3D. Now, they’ve been a staple at the convention for the last couple of years or so and I’ve seen friends get scanned in their costumes, soooo… Of course I had to try it out!

I went on Saturday, early in the afternoon, and looked over everything. My scan was free, but it usually costs money, and I’d say it’s in the moderate price range. It gets expensive when you pick out the figurine you want, depending on size, material, and coloration. I went with a smaller colored figurine, while I was dressed as Psylocke from X-Men. The booth informed me they were running behind and that I’d need to come back in a couple of hours to do the scan. They added me to the list and off I went until it was my turn!

When I got back to the booth at my time, they instructed me on how to stand in the scanner and to maintain the pose the entire duration. I got in and stood on a little pedestal, and with help from the creator, he got me posed best for the figurine I’d picked out. Little figurines can break off on pieces if they’re overly detailed, so we made sure to do things to avoid that. I stood in my pose, still as possible, while the pedestal turned and scanned. I think I was in there for a little over five minutes, at most 8. Once finished, the creator had me come look at the scan and agree if I liked it or not. They then informed me I’d get status on shipping and such after the convention via email.

After the con, about a week or so later, I did get emailed about everything was currently being printed and shipping would be in the following month. No joke, they were perfect on their time estimation, and lo and behold, my little “self” arrived. Now, straightĀ out of the box,Ā the colors look off, but they photograph beautifully. The figurine does look exactly like me in my costume. I actually got a little confidence boost seeing I have a nice figure, lol!

All in all, it as a fun experience. It costs a decent penny, but the end result is pretty cool. I wouldn’t do something like this all the time, but certain costumes? Oh yeah, that’ll be worth it.



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