The Community Speaks

Some people have asked where this “great idea” sparked from. There’s several sources, actually, so might as well give a quick breakdown.

1. I’ve known people who have been the blunt of the jokes. I’ve been the blunt of the jokes. I have friends that are absolutely amazing and talented, but because they’re bigger in size, they’re told they “automatically fail”. I’ve been told I fail because I’m not busty and am extremely skinny. We are all human. We all work on ourselves. We should all be happy and having fun with what we do. Being constantly made fun of makes that hard, and most of the time, it’s by people OUTSIDE of the cosplay community.

2. I was linked to a blog several friends of mine had been rated as the “Hottest Cosplayers”. It was obvious whomever had made this list had never talked to any of the people on there. Names were listed weird, costumes were incorrectly labeled, ad everything was bout their body appearance. They could care less about how awesome the costumes were, as long as the were… “hot”. I then made a joke about making a cosplay blog with a brain. And now, the joke has become reality.

I will continue to post for the community, since it’s been deemed a great idea. I appreciate the amazing and somewhat overwhelming feedback. I’ve got tons of idea to put into play, so please continue to watch for more.

About Yunie

I am a cosplayer, a nerd, a geek. I am whatever you call me. However, I have a brain and tend to use it.
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8 Responses to The Community Speaks

  1. Angel says:


    I completely agree with you! I feel like a lot of the cosplay community is turning into a popularity contest where people only focus on a few “popular” cosplayers and don’t even bother to give the time of day to an awesome none popular cosplayer that is literally standing right behind them. I feel like people are being judged even before they make a cosplay because others say it’s not the right character for them, not the right hair, color, you name it! Anyway, good luck with your blog! i think you are starting a good thing here.

    PS: Here is a link to a lady that puts out awesome cosplay tutorials and I think she needs more visibility. ^_^ (

    • Yunie says:

      I adore Taelic’s work, and she is definitely someone more deserving of recognition. I plan on reaching out to her to showcase some of her tutorials and eventually interview her for a little feature on here as well. ❤

      • Angel says:

        That would be awesome. I’m sure she would do it. ^_^
        I used some of her tutorials and they work really well. But I know she has had and maybe still has issues with people plagiarizing her stuff.

      • Yunie says:

        Oh, I won’t allow plagiarism here; I suffered from it in high school when someone used one of my poems published online in my class, claiming it their own. She will get all the credit she justly deserves for her work. ❤

  2. maridah says:

    LMAO I didn’t know this blog came about because of those ‘hot cosplayer’ blog posts. I like this blog even more now.
    I think that blog in question was just putting up filler content to get site traffic for ad revenue. They probably know nothing about cosplay at all and just did a search for private cosplay blogs they could pull content from just to drum up some page hits.

    • Yunie says:

      I found it so utterly silly, that I figured it had to be someone completely outside of cosplay. It’s a bit different when it’s someone inside cosplay, but really, these beauty and popularity contests placed upon the community are just… silly. XD

    • HezaChan says:

      THIS. Lovin’ this blog, and I’m so glad you started it! I can’t wait to see all the content this blog will have in the future. KEEP TRUCKIN’!

      • Yunie says:

        Thank you! 😀 I’m going to be limiting myself to a post a day (ha, yeah, this should get funny real quick), so everyone should start seeing stuff real soon!

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