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Interview with Celeste Orchid and Quick Announcement

Quick announcement: There will be no Sunday posting, as I will be out of town for family reunion. 😀 I will be back  and able to do Monday’s posting without a hitch! Now then, it’s time for another interview, this one … Continue reading

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Sailor Senshi Sleeve Tutorial

I remember when I first made a sailor senshi fuku, this was one of those things that absolutely terrified me. Happily, there’s a tutorial for it! This one is brought to you by!  Hope this as helpful to everyone … Continue reading

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Feather Resources

First off, my bad, I got the days confused. This should’ve been posted for Wednesday instead of the info on my photographer interviews. Oh well, we had a little switcharoo! 😀 A lot of costumes recently are incorporating wings. They’re … Continue reading

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Photographer Features Changing

The features are switching over to interviews, and I’m currently awaiting the first bunch sent out. I had a lot of people that suggested the idea and how to go forth with it, so please be patient. 😀 Hopefully by … Continue reading

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Interview with Etaru

It’s time for another interview, this time with Etaru! She’s a cosplayer in Montana who is very well known for her beautiful Alexiel cosplay! What’s your cosplay alias and why did you choose it? “Etaru” was an online handle that … Continue reading

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Contests can cause quite a conundrum, whether they be at the convention itself to ones held online or stores. First, you have to examine your reasoning as to why you’re entering any contest. Some people do it for the potential … Continue reading

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Nothing today!

Nothing to post today! ❤ Will have the regularly scheduled article tomorrow!

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