Wig Resources

I try to check out a variety of places, and order from a variety of places, when I’m purchasing wigs for costumes. The following places that I’ll be linking to I have ordered from previously.

1.  Amphigory.com – I’ve ordered many wigs from here and enjoy their continuing color and variety. When pieces have been out of stock, they’ve let me know and offered a variety of solutions to it. The prices are affordable and match what I think should be paid for the styles and lengths. The only downside is that you need to order your wigs at least a month or two in advance, as they do take a while to ship.

2.  Cosworx.com – Again, an amazing variety of styles and colors, but I do think these are priced slightly higher than they should be. I have had quick shipping without any problems, but I do have friends that had to wait awhile, or items were out of stock and they were not made aware of it. This shop is hit or miss, I would say, but I’m offering it up as I’ve not had a bad experience.

3.  Fantasy Sheep Cos-Wig Land – A wig shop overseas that has never let me down. They have a constantly changing inventory, and for the shipping and wigs themselves, the prices are awesome. Shipping will take a while, obviously, so ordering at least a month or two in advance is a good idea.

There’s a lot of other stores, but I have yet to order from some of the others. Epic Cosplay and Arda Wigs are on my radar for future wigs, but until I order from them personally, I won’t say anything on them since I’ve heard a variety on both. 😀


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5 Responses to Wig Resources

  1. Heatherling says:

    I just ordered from Arda for the first time and they were VERY quick. I’m currently in a cosplay time crunch for SakuraCon and still had to order a wig last week. Polence told me about Arda and I got my wig in just a couple days! Nice selection, very affordable and quick delivery. My new favorite, though I do also love Amphigory.

  2. Dea Thea says:

    I have two wigs from epic cosplay that I bought at con, my first one I love to death! it’s soft, and thank goodness it is heat resitent cuz someone left the lamp I had placed it on for hours!!! and i just got a orange wig from them I can’t wait to wear!

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