Of Selling Costumes…

There’s a certain point in a cosplayer’s life when we realize… “HOLY #$#$%, I HAVE TOO MANY COSTUMES!” When that time finally arrives, it’s time to start selling off items. It can be sad, it can be fruitful, and it can be frustrating. It cleans out the closet and can give you more cash for new things.

Or you can be stuck with said costumes for awhile longer. : / This seems to be my magical ability. I’ve sold a few wigs and costume pieces here and there, but I’m terrified to list some of the other costumes. I’m short and with a VERY thin build. A lot of people aren’t in the market for not being able to fit in something they buy. I’m lucky that I can easily sell off the 4 million wigs from over the years and occasional pairs of shoes.

There’s also the emotional aspect. Parting with a costume you’ve worn and spent so much time on can be pretty hard. I know there are certain costumes that I could EASILY sell off from my closet, but doing it would hurt. So many memories, so much time, so much money… and it’s hard to get compensation for it all.

So if you’re willing to face all of these potential things that could affect you, then give it a shot to sell your costumes to clean out some space. Cosplay.com, American Cosplay Paradise, and Ebay all have the marketplaces to be able to do so, and talking to blogging communities, you can strike private deals as well. But don’t be upset if no one buys, or if they’re more interested in what you’re not selling.


About Yunie

I am a cosplayer, a nerd, a geek. I am whatever you call me. However, I have a brain and tend to use it.
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