Reader Resources

This week’s resources are ones suggested by readers on previous resource posts. 😀 It was suggested to compile them together, so this week is the first of such!

– From Heatherling: “I just ordered from Arda for the first time and they were VERY quick. I’m currently in a cosplay time crunch for SakuraCon and still had to order a wig last week. Polence told me about Arda and I got my wig in just a couple days! Nice selection, very affordable and quick delivery. My new favorite, though I do also love Amphigory.”

– From Dea Thea: “I have two wigs from Epic Cosplay that I bought at con, my first one I love to death! It’s soft, and thank goodness it is heat resistant cause someone left the lamp I had placed it on for hours!!! And I just got a orange wig from them I can’t wait to wear!”

– From Heatherling: “I also recently discovered Amiclubwear and they have a lot of cheap shoes, too. (I just bought thigh high boots for $25!)”

Stretch Fabrics:
– From Lilacwire: “I’ve also had great luck with Spandex World, and cross shop between that and Spandex House all the time.”

Thanks for the input, everyone! Hope this helps out some more cosplayers! 😀


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I am a cosplayer, a nerd, a geek. I am whatever you call me. However, I have a brain and tend to use it.
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7 Responses to Reader Resources

  1. Heatherling says:

    Oh how fun! Another good shoe site is Snaz75. Pricing is about the same as EB.

  2. Kevin88 says:

    Hi Yunie,
    Nice blog! I’m Kevin88 from, just wonder can I write a guest post about cosplay on your blog. I’ve been writing guest posts for several cosplay themed sites recently. Hope you can accept my application. If you do, just let me know, please!

  3. Kevin88 says:

    I’m sorry, but I can’t find your email address!
    How about this, I’ve made a tutorial about Inuyasha Kikyo Miko Costume making. Is that OK?

  4. big like! – thanks .

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