Interview with Neoangelwink

It’s time for another interview, this time with Neoangelwink! She’s a talented cosplayer from Brooklyn with quite the portfolio of costumes!

Neoangelwink as Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, photo by Anna

What’s your cosplay alias and why did you choose it?
Neoangelwink. When I was younger, I liked the word Neo, which meant new. I like idea of angels and I like my last name Wink.

How many years have you been cosplaying and what got you started?
I started when I was 19, back 2002. So I’ve been doing this for very long time. I dressed as Sailor Mercury for Katsucon. A bunch of my friends wanted to dress up like Sailor Moon and I got drafted to be Mercury. I didn’t even know what cosplay was, really, and thought it was for a look-a-like contest.

What has been some of your favorite things to work with when constructing costumes and why?
I really enjoyed making Shuurei Kou from Saiunkoku Monogatari. It was neat learning free hand embroidery on sewing machines. I really enjoy it. I hope to do more someday on other costumes.

Neoangelwink as Aeris from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, photo by LJinto

What are you excited to be working with in the future and why?
What I’m looking forward to make next is a new Harvest Moon costume from HMB on DS or the new Aerith costume from DD2. It’s my 2 favorite games to play and I love the outfits they’re wearing. I also want do Kneesocks as well someday. I’ve never done that much body paint before.

What are some of the traits you like to see in other costumes and who do you think does well in them?
My best friend, Carolann (Athenachan), does some really amazing work. My favorite is her Vivi from Final Fantasy IX. She got that pretty dead on.

What is your view of the “cosplay scene”?
^_^ The cosplay scene to me is a place be around people like me, who want to play dress up and hang out. All of my friends are from cosplay and a lot of them are in the same boat. We all want to be accepted.

Neoangelwink as Ukraine from Axis Powers Hetalia, photo by Michael Iacca

What are some of the things you want to see change in the scene?
In any community, there are people who are snotty and think they’re better than everyone. I would like that to go away in the community, but sadly you will find that in any group of people in any hobbies.

What is some advice you could give people starting to get into cosplay?
Always be honest! Never lie about Ebay or commission costumes to get award in hallway masquerade. You’re taking away from a person who worked really hard on they’re costume. Also, what’s the point? The award is worth nothing to you. There’s no pride of in your hard work and feeling well done. Even if you’re just getting stared, the more you try, the sooner the hard work will pay off.

What are some of your favorite conventions you’ve attended and why?
I really love Katuscon, which is now in the Gaylord. It has such good lighting and so many nice places for pics.

Give a random fact about one of your costumes that you’re proud of!
Bayonetta! I really loved doing the runes on outfit. They shine in the light!

Neoangelwink as Bayonetta from Bayonetta, photo by Lionel Lum

Thanks for the interview, Neoangelwink! You can check out more of her work on her American Cosplay Paradise account (!


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  1. My name is not Jacca, it is Iacca, Let me know if you want to interview me.

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