Guest Post on Where to Buy a Yukata: the American Edition

Update: I’ve been doing some more browsing and found two more places that one can buy a Yukata from online. I have added them to the list.

In light of the Otakon 2011 Matsuri Festival, my friend (who is a Japanese Major) and I decided to embark on the lovely quest of finding a Yukata to wear. Please note that just because a store has a small selection doesn’t mean it’s not worth checking out. I found my favorite Yukata at a store that had less than 20 Yukata’s in stock. So here’s what we’ve discovered:


This place is American based (yay!) and imports from Japan. The Yuakta prices alone are wonderful, but if you add anything on to them (including Koshihimo) be prepared to pay through the roof! They also have a pretty good selection of Yukata in various designs.

2. Kimono Market Sakura

Wonderful! This company is based in Japan and seems really popular with international customers. They have an extremely wide variety of Yukata’s and Kimono (including a version called a Modern Kimono that is more casual). They also get points for having a LARGE customer gallery that helps when looking at these kinds of companies. The prices range from Awesome to That’s so Cool but So Much Money! The Yukata comes separately but they have pre packaged and seperate Obi/Geta options as well. BEWARE! They use PayPal…which is nice but the way the shopping cart works means that EACH ITEM gets a SEPARATE Shipping Charge. Making Shipping for a Yukata, Obi and Geta 32.00. Wishing you could sort by price though since navigation is tiresome.

3. Nissen

The department store shopping for Yukata! They don’t have a large selection of Yukata but their prices are pretty awesome.  They also have “plus size” Yukata for those of us who aren’t small and petite. Unforunately, the Yukata don’t come with Koshihimo and you have to buy one from their “Kimono Wearing Set” which is an additional 28.00. The Geta prices can’t be beat though.

4. Ebay

If you are going to buy from EBay I highly suggest reading this article here. She makes shopping for a Yukata so easy!

5. Ichiroya

A nice place to find Yukatas and Kimonos. Mostly selling Kimono, the Yukatas are rather plain (by comparison to some other stores) and while cheap, are often sold out. You should watch the fabric description however. Authentic Yukata are usually cotton, with an occasional synthetic fibre. No silk. Prices range from 30-100 dollars.

6. Rinkya

Two Words: Extremely Expensive. 378.00 for a Yukata.

7.  Kimono Kagura

Pretty good selection of Yukata and Kimono with medium-range prices (most Yukata are at 52.00). The obi are also nicely priced at 20.00. Watch and calculate the weight of your items to figure out shipping. They have two payment options, one,  bank transfer and two, PayPal. They also have two shipping options, one, which is EMS and the other, which is the Japanese Postal Service. EMS is approximately six to eighteen dollars more expensive. A Yukata and Obi traveling via EMS went for 29 dollars shipping while the same items traveling Japanese Post went for 16.50. This is where I ordered my Yukata from.

8. Yukata Paradise

The strangest Yukata buying website yet, but its rather awesome. Here, you submit a general request form based on you or the friend your buying it for. Once the form has been submitted, the owners of the shop pick out a Yukata and Obi to match your tastes and email a picture of it to you. Once you’ve approved the design and color, they ask for payment and ship it out to you. A (sort of) surprise shopping experience! Prices are not listed.

9. Hanabira Store

Small shop with reasonable prices. The have great prices on sets (yukata, obi, and geta).

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1 Response to Guest Post on Where to Buy a Yukata: the American Edition

  1. KCoutts says:

    Thank you for this! I bought also from Kimono Kagura. $48 for yukata, $29 for obi, $22 for shipping to North America.

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