Making a Cosplay Alias

So, before I go into the actual ways of coming up with an alias, I have to admit how this article was inspired. I logged on to check the stats of the ol’ blog while I was thinking about what type of article to write when my eyes fell upon the search terms that accessed the blog. There was some photographers, some cosplayers, and then there was the term “how to make a cosplay alias”. Voila! XD

So, the first thing to think about is how you want to represent yourself. Do you want just a play on your name, such as Rynn? Maybe something cute like Pinkbunnie? Something similar to a character’s name like SSFSeiyakou? Things of that nature are a big thing to think about. Also, do you want to have just one single name or a full name, like Khamryn or Omi Gibson?

I know most aliases are born from nicknames given by friends, which is a great way to choose one. They know your personality and likes best, plus it adds some lasting sentimental value to the name. Many are things you just like and play off of, like mine which was born of my wonderful obsession with unicorns, then altered via a play on letters.

It’s not a hard task to think of an alias for yourself, but it should have some deeper meaning to you. It should be something that feels represents you on some level, whether personally or very outwardly. It should basically feel like a second name for yourself. I can’t say just pull one out of a hat and go with it, or that it should be chosen a specific way, but I can say make sure that it’s the one for you. ❤

About Yunie

I am a cosplayer, a nerd, a geek. I am whatever you call me. However, I have a brain and tend to use it.
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8 Responses to Making a Cosplay Alias

  1. Ayden says:

    I made my C-Alias and C-blog name from a play-on-words with my own name. Because I didn’t really want something like “My Name Cosplay” and I couldn’t run around calling myself A-Chan (Chan being a ‘friend’ suffix the Japanese use) and I decided on A (like EY in Hey) Cosplay which is a (like AH) cosplay blog. So I got something funny and useful.

  2. My alias is usually Outlaw which has a cool newspaper backstory.

    My question is what about an alias as a cosplay model or performer so that people can find you online.

    Is this something you think about?

    I would love to have that discussion.

    • Yunie says:

      I think some people just automatically adopt it over, like Yuffiebunny for example. When she started to get more into her modeling, she proceeded to just continue using her cosplay alias instead of another name or her actual one. I know when I’ve done modeling, I use my alias or my other nickname, Koi. I’ve honestly never really though much more on it other than having a name to “hide behind” that I feel comfortable using. : )

      • Lawrence Brenner says:

        Yuffiebunny is cool, I have known her for a long time.

        See what I was thinking is like before. I had this discussion with Chibi of cosplay deviants as Chibi is a common term.

        Riddle has a noun like I do.

        My question was in the creation, instead of automatically adopting it over they think about it in the inital creation of their name (as well as what they want to do). I am seeing that more often actually along with the rise of facebook cosplay profiles as opposed to fan pages. They create a whole profile just for cosplay and the various things they want to do.

        Jessie (whom I am sure you know) adopted AnimeAngel and now she is changing it to Rufflebutt.

        Have you seen the process of changes in cosplay identities and what is it like?

        We can continue this via email it is quite fascinating. And you might like my identity props.

      • Yunie says:

        I know a lot of people make the Facebook profiles instead of the fanpages so they can be tagged without a big deal. The fanpages don’t allow for tagging in pictures for some strange reason. XD

        I’ve actually contemplated changing my name, and I see where people decide to because they get sick of their alias, but even if I went by something else, I’ll always be referred to as my first alias. I’m sure Jessie, much like Laura (Miyu), is going to be dealing with the same thing. People know them as one thing, so even if they change, they’re gonna be called their original alias.

        I’m good contining either here or email. 😀 Whatever works best for you.

  3. Fallyn Angel says:

    I’ve noticed cosplay names tend to evolve over time, from frirends, a specifc costume you wear, and so forth. Eventually its what you’re easily known for, and that makes it better to associate cosplay and/or modeling with it.

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