Social Networking and Cosplay

A lot of the cosplay community uses different social networking sites for a variety of reasons, ranging from popularity, tracking costumes, friendships, to whatever you basically can think of. There’s a ton of sites for basically everything, such as American Cosplay Paradise,, Facebook, Deviantart, Cosplay Lab, Twitter, and many more I can’t even think of off the top of my head.

Personally, my focuses are keeping track of friends and of costumes, both mine and their’s. I have an ACP account that I occasionally update when I feel like it, a account that gets updated even less, a Cosplay Lab account that gets somewhat regular attention, and a Twitter account I check maybe once in a great while… Like when I’m really bored. I’m on Deviantart and Facebook almost constantly to keep track of people, play games, and do business, and am starting to hit up Model Mayhem more as well. Am I “popular”? I don’t know, nor do I really care. That isn’t my priority when I’m on the variety of sites. Will I respond to comments, critique, compliments, and other such things? Yes, but that’s because I like socializing.

Now am I belittling people seeking popularity? No. If that’s what you want to do or make your priority and it works, might as well use it to your advantage. I just know that sometimes having your mind set on only that, no matter what the community is, can cause more problems than good, especially with relationships. If you can be yourself, remain friends with everyone you consider as such, and maintain your popularity, awesome. I personally wouldn’t be able to, heh, but that’s because I’m busy enough as is while remaining under the radar.

Now if you’re more like me and just on for the costumes and friends, then awesome. Have fun with the hobby, because that’s what a hobby should be for. Personally out of the sites I use, Facebook and Deviantart have been my big ones to turn to for both. Part of that is just because I’m used to them after being on them for so long, and when they change formats, I quickly adapt. ACP is another good site, I just have to be on it more and be active, so no qualms there.

It boils down to if you’re a cosplayer and doing the social networking thing, just have fun with it. Be friendly, courteous, and expect the unexpected. If you’re insulted at something, laugh it off and turn it into a joke. Just have fun.

About Yunie

I am a cosplayer, a nerd, a geek. I am whatever you call me. However, I have a brain and tend to use it.
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1 Response to Social Networking and Cosplay

  1. maridah says:

    “If you’re insulted at something, laugh it off and turn it into a joke. ”
    I’m continually impressed with my friends and the ways they do this. Like my friend who took a harassing letter and made it a mad lib. I couldn’t have thought of a better way of making a bad situation funny.
    It’s a good tip because cosplay can attract some real negativity, but the smart ones out there know how to deal with it.

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