Brands of Sewing Machines

Today’s resource post is a little different than the norm. A friend of mine’s sewing machine ate it not too long ago, so she started researching different brands to figure out what type of machine she was going to get… Which than got me interested and starting my own research. So, here’s a ton of different brands to look at, their websites, rough pricing, locations of dealers, annnd my own take on how good of a machine they are.

1. Pfaff – I honestly hadn’t heard of this company until I started researching. They do have a nice variety of machine types, especially quilting ones, but from what I can tell, all the machines are very expensive. There’s not a ton of dealers from what I could find, and didn’t see much when it came to reviews, other than they’re notorious for their amazing embroidery machines.

2. Husqvarna Viking – This company has been around for awhile and makes decent machines. They have a huge variety and are sold all over, including your simple sewing shops to JoAnn’s. They range in price, but the high end ones are expensive, especially when it concerns embroidery.

3. Bernina – I have only heard of this company in passing and have never worked with one of their machines. I have heard they’re amazing machines for embroidery, but they have a variety of different types of machines as well. They can only be bought from an authorized dealer, which includes specialty shops and Hancock Fabrics. Of course, they can also get pricey from what little I’ve seen.

4. Elna – I have never heard of this company before. They have a variety of machines, but seem to pride themselves on their overlock/sergers. They’re pretty expensive and hard to find dealers for.

5. Necchi – Another company I have never head of, yet the exclusive importer of their machines is in Denver, hur hur. They have a decent variety of machines, but are all expensive. You have to seriously hunt to find dealers of them as well.

6. Simplicity – Again, another company I’ve never heard of. They have a decent variety of machines that are decently priced. I only managed to find the single dealer online, but I’m sure with the right wording in your search, there’s more to be found.

7. White – I have worked with these machines in the past and they’re pretty study monsters. They’re harder to find now, as they are older machines, but did have a very nice variety of types. They’re some of the cheapest ones on the market as well.

8. Baby Lock – I have just recently heard about these machines and how they’re becoming the new number 1 brand. They have a large variety of types of machines, but are notorious for their amazing embroidery machines. You have to go to a specialty sewing store to purchase them and they’re expensive as well.

9. Janome – I hadn’t heard of these machines before, but they’re apparently known for their high-tech computerization. They have a large variety of machine types, and are found via specialty dealers in sewing stores. These guys are expensive as well.

10. Kenmore – These machines are not my favorite. They do work well, but I’ve just never been impressed by them. They are only sold by Sears and Kmart, but are very cheap for sewing machines. They don’t have the biggest variety, so I would say they’re good for a beginner’s machine.

11. Brother – These machines are beasts as well. They have a huge variety, are notoriously easy to use, and range from very affordable to expensive in price. They’re easy to find as well, as specialty stores and larger retailers sell them.

12. Singer – Oh, Singer, we have such a love-hate relationship. These machines used to be the best, but are now some of the worst to work with as their timing is notorious for going out quickly in newer models. Older models are amazing, but the new ones aren’t. They range from cheap to expensive, and are sold alllll over.

And there you have it. If you have something to add about your own usage of a brand, or even another brand, please comment and share!

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  1. White’s are well known for having electrical and computer problems after a couple years though. Non computerized models are fine. 🙂

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