Selling Costumes

Currently, I’m sitting down and going through my costume closet and bins, selling off items that I know I won’t be wearing/using anymore. It’s hard though, as the whole debate on whether I’ll be wearing things again keeps popping up, and then I second guess everything. But it’s time to make room for new things and also to get some money back from this sometimes expensive hobby, especially with my financial situation as it is.

Costumes are hard for me to choose to sell, though, as I know not many people are as small as me. There’s also the whole debate on what all pieces to sell, how much I think it’s worth after being worn over the years, and what I think people will honestly pay for. There’s also the problem that my more well-known costumes have so many good memories, I just can’t part with them even though I know they’d sell quick and for some decent cash.

Though I have to admit, all the nostalgia is nice. ūüėÄ I see parts of Rydia¬†and remember being a spazz¬†at photoshoots¬†at Fanime¬†and Nan Desu¬†Kan. I see boots for Sailor Moon and remember Teca¬†yelling at me for skipping in halls and flashing spankies. I see my old Chocolat wig and laugh about being brave enough to wear that costume and go on stage to make perverted jokes.

But it’s time to say farewell and make more room in my cosplay closet. ‚̧


About Yunie

I am a cosplayer, a nerd, a geek. I am whatever you call me. However, I have a brain and tend to use it.
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