Overusage of Photoshop

I have a few cosplay pet peeves, one of which is the overusage of photoshop in cosplay photography. I understand when it’s used in a creative sense, to fit mood, or to fix problems with the image, but some things that are done leave me wanting to bang my head into a desk.

I love when photographers, and even cosplayers, play with the colors and lighting in images to capture the mood of the series/characters. But I hate when images are over-saturated, or the contrasts are too dark or bright. Or I glow. Really? Why am I glowing?

I have some facial features that cause problems for photographers, such as severe bags under my eyes (working nights killed me) and occasionally over-shiney skin. I love when I get a basic “make-over” in photoshop and those are taken care of. What I hate? When I no longer look human, but like a pore-less doll.

I love when backgrounds are changed or there’s creative additions added to the scene, as long as it fits the image. If it’s painfully obvious of the photoshop, go in and revise. I like creative CG images, but I’m not a fan of being badly pasted onto a background (and I’m even guilty of doing this too).

So please, when doing work in photoshop, ask yourself if it’s really something that you’re proud of and describes you as an artist? Are you good with blemish-fixing, or are you making a doll? Are you capturing the right light and feel to the image that you want, or are you whiting out everything in it? Always think about what is coming across in the image to portray you as the editor of the image.

And for the love of cosplay, don’t make me glow without a darn good reason.


About Yunie

I am a cosplayer, a nerd, a geek. I am whatever you call me. However, I have a brain and tend to use it.
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2 Responses to Overusage of Photoshop

  1. I certainly agree with many of your points, but I think this is one of those topics where cosplayers and cosplay photographers may not necessarily always see eye-to-eye. On the flip side, what about a case in which a cosplayer takes creative license with an outfit or detail? I don’t think that necessarily is *wrong* per se, just the cosplayer’s creative interpretation. And I definitely agree some people over “shop” an image, but if that’s their style and they like that, is it necessarily *wrong*?

    • Yunie says:

      I love if creativity is taken by photographer or cosplayer, as long as it’s done well. I personally have done on it on several costumes and have seen several photographers do it in their images, but have seen where it can come out looking awesome. But I’ve also seen where people do it and say it’s their “best work of art” when it just looks like a poorly executed experimentation that was rushed and not polished. I think everyone is free to experiement with creativity, but I know I wouldn’t put my “best foot forward” unless it really is. Or if they do without realizing it’s bad, be ready to take constructive criticism; I’ve seen cosplayers and photographers who think only their opinion matters. Maybe that’ll explain more of my viewpoint there. : )

      It isn’t necessarily wrong, again, if they’re willing to hear constructive criticism. I’ve seen some awesome photos that have been overshopped, but it looks good. I’ve seen photos that need more shopping done. As long as a photographer is willing to hear constructive criticism and take it into account for later purposes, then fine. Unfortunately, I know some out there who aren’t willing to do that. I also know some cosplayers like to be more shopped than others, so it goes both ways. : )

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