Sunday is for Advertising Too!

This is a reminder! Sundays, if there are no guest articles to be posted, are the official advertising day. However, there are some stipulations to this.

1. Any advertisement must be cosplay related: Conventions, cosplayers with stores, cosplay items, photoshoots, etc.

2. Advertisements are written by the person wanting it done, sent to and approved by me, before being posted. Again, this is to make sure everything is relatively family-friendly. I don’t need any porn going up, herf.

3. This is probably going to be the big thing that people will dislike: Each advertisement ran will cost $5. Every advertisement will be on its own, with tagging and such, and any repeat ones will cost $5 as well. I am unemployed, and while I do enjoy helping everyone out as much as possible, money is good right now. As such, I will do my best to review everything advertised here. That is only fair.

So there it is. If you’re interested, please do email me at Thanks!

About Yunie

I am a cosplayer, a nerd, a geek. I am whatever you call me. However, I have a brain and tend to use it.
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