Photographer Interview with Michael Iacca

Michael Iacca is a talented photographer from Florida, who I was lucky to meet at AWA this past year!

Michael Iacca

How many years have you been into photography and what got you into cosplay photography?
That’s a tough question. I had a camera when I was 7. I did take photography classes in college. I took my first really good photo at Metrocon 2004. I will say I have been ‘into’ photography for 7 years.

I attended Megacon in 2002 with my Nikon Coolpix 995 and, while I was still quite shy, asked two girls (Ada and Jackie) if I could take their photo. Ada and Jackie were sitting on the floor, outside the dealer’s hall, and were in cosplay. They consented and Jackie then invited me to the Holiday Anime Club Of Florida (HACOF.) I always liked anime, so I started attending the club.

Later that year, Jackie talked me into driving her to Necronomicon. When we arrived, she asked if she and some friends of hers could use the hotel room to change into cosplay. I thought that would be OK. Her friends were Susan and Carolann (Athena1Chan on DeviantArt.) 

Susan invited me to go to Anime Expo in 2003 with her, her boyfriend, David, and her friend, Natalie (Lady Saiyuki, ForeverResin on DeviantArt.) It all kind of spiraled down, or up, from there.

ValmarMillenia as Rogue from X-Men, photo by Michael Iacca

What regions do you usually cover, and do you charge for photoshoots? Also, how does one get in contact to shoot with you?
I usually am found in Florida, since I live there. I have ventured to Georgia, Kentucky, California, and Maryland to attend anime/comic/sci-fi cons. Wow, five states!?! That’s it?! Gosh, I need to get out of Florida more!

I will travel almost any place if someone wants to pay my airfare and lodging. I don’t mind sharing my quarters and sometimes just providing 3 other people to share lodging expenses is enough to get me someplace.

I never charge for photoshoots, unless it’s a wedding or something.

One can contact me through Facebook, DeviantArt, or Flickr. Google “Michael Iacca” and you find me.

What type of photoshoots do you prefer and why?
I like photoshoots with good lighting. If I have good lighting and a good subject that’s all I need for a great photo. Oh, and I need a camera, too!

What is some of your favorite equipment you work with and why?
I have Carl Zeiss Prime and that does such nice things with light and a Canon Pro9000 Mark II that prints such pretty images.

What are you excited to be working with in the future and why?
I am going to save up for a Canon 5D Mark II. I’ve heard a full frame sensor is much nicer, and that sucker can shoot almost noise free at 6400 ISO. 6400 ISO??! What is that like?!?!

My next lens may be a macro zoom. I’ll be able to get nice wild animal and insect shots with one of those.

What are some of the traits you like to see in other photographers and who do you think does them well?
Politeness, respect for the models, and an understanding of the way light behaves. I also have more respect for those that photograph primarily out of love, rather than profit. Bryan Humphrey (bryanhumphrey on DeviantArt) is an amazing person and photographer.

What is your view of the “cosplay scene”?
I really don’t pay a lot of attention to it. I’m busy with other things. I hear things from other people, but that’s about it. 

What are some of the things you want to see change in the scene?
I’d like people to take it less seriously, have fun, and try to get along. If someone is wearing the same costume as you, they love something you love. Why does that make them your enemy?

HoodedWoman as Mistress from Super Jail, photo by Michael Iacca

What is some advice you could give people starting to get into photography?
Study light. Experiment with your equipment. Be polite to ALL your subjects.

What are some of your favorite conventions you’ve attended and why?
Dragon*con – It is so big. It’s held in (starts counting) …FIVE large hotels in downtown Atlanta. Peachtree center has a great variety of food, and most of it is not expensive. There are some amazing costumes, some “they can wear that in public?” costumes, and an all-around great number of costumes. I also run into so many people I know, and there are some friends I only see at this con.   

Daigacon – It wasn’t big, or in a great location, but the organizers and people that attended were fantastic. After the con, Rose (Raqs Attaq) and I were invited to one of the con staff’s houses and played video games. We were told that we were like their other friends. We felt the same way about them. If they put on another con, I’ll be there.     

Anime South – It was held at the marvelous Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa and had an excellent maid cafe, and anime reading room. The resort is on the beach, and the there are so many places to take photos. Athen-chan was nice enough to show me around the first time I was there and we took some great photos together. Sukoshicon plans to have a three day convention, at the resort, in 2013. 

Ultimately, it’s not where you go, or what you do, it’s who you’re with.

Thank you so much for having me come down here for the interview! The coffee was really great. I also would like to say….huh? What is this you’re handing me? A RESTRAINING ORDER?!?! WTF!? Hey! UNHAND ME!!! STOP!! Hey….mfmafmmd…..*click*

NekoMimiChan as Paine from Final Fantasy X-2, photo by Michael Iacca

LOL! Thanks for the interview, Michael Iacca! To check out his work and contact him for a shoot, you can check out his Flickr, his Facebook page, and his Devaintart!


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