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There be a hiatus…

I have to go on hiatus until Wednesday or possibly Thursday. My computer is being replaced, as it’s finally on it’s last legs. It’s been a great seven years of technological love, but it’s time to move on. ; P … Continue reading

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World Cosplay Summit

Since the U.S. preliminaries were this weekend, I was inspired to post about my opinion on the World Cosplay Summit. First and foremost, if you don’t realize it’s not a true “contest”, then you’re just lying to yourself. If you … Continue reading

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Advertisement: Yunie’s Designs

I’m sure you’re sick of this ad, but lack of job means I do what I can! The store today is, again, Yunie’s Designs, which is owned by yours truly. I make necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and jewelry sets for everyone. I’ve … Continue reading

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Rolled Hem Tutorial

Today’s tutorial is made by Koumori-no-hime and is one on how to do rolled hems! Click to enlarge! Hope this helps! 😀

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Pardon Me… XD

Due to my car being a butthead, I havn’t been online since I haven’t been home much. I will post the tutorial that is supposed to be up today on Saturday, as I’m still lacking cosplayer interviews. 😀

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No Interview Today

Just as it says. XD

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Pardon the Mess…

I took a brief vacation over the weekend with some friends after stress had seriously built up. It was much needed, and I totally had a brainfart and forgot to mention it before I ran away, but there wouldn’t have … Continue reading

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