Guest Post: Fosshape Product Review

Another guest post by the gals from Starnigh Industries!

The great people over at sent us a sample of their product and I had the opportunity to try it out this weekend.

As soon as we got the samples in, I saw the potential in this product. There were samples of two kinds; 300 and 600.  Fosshape 300 is a thinner version, while 600 is thicker and more dense. I chose to play with the 600 first. It has the texture of really thick felt before being heated.

To me it seems to be a more flexible version of Wonderflex. Like Wonderflex, it is heat activated. You can use a fabric steamer, steam iron or a heat gun to activate the product. I opted to use my heat gun on this, however, I would recommend a steamer next time as I think the heat gun (even on low) over did it, causing it to melt too much.

As the material heats, it shrinks and hardens slightly. What you do is form it over something, then heat it up and press it to get the shape and contour you need. It gets hot, so you don’t want to mold this on your bare skin. However, it doesn’t get as hot as Wonderflex, and I had an easier time molding it over the frame I’d chosen without scorching my fingers.

It does become fairly porous when heated, so if you need something smooth, you’ll want to pick up some gesso. You can also mold it onto itself; meaning, if you need to make a 3D image, you can totally heat the ends and smoosh them together. You can also sew through it, though I recommend doing that before heating rather than after as it does become far less flexible and fabric-like.

In the end, Fosshape seems to be a great product with a myriad of uses. While I still would prefer Wonderflex for armor pieces and swords, I can see this being great for making hats, masks, and other props that need to be super light weight. I highly recommend this product.

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