Guest Post – Wig Care 101

Today’s guest post is another by the lovely ladies at Starnigh Industries!


I’ve learned a few cool tricks at my new job as a wigmistress at a local performing arts center. Today I’d like to share some tips on wig care and maintenance. First, if you haven’t read our Wigs 101 post, feel free to check it out. While not directly related to today’s discussion, it will help familiarize you with various types of wigs.

As I mentioned in several earlier posts, I’m a huge fan of wigs – and not the cheap, Halloween store wigs. I like wigs that are full and vibrant, well made and will last a long, long time. However, wigs like that take a lot of care and maintenance.

For instance, did you know you can (and should) wash your wig after several wears? My very first day on the job, we were washing wigs with regular “people” shampoo, rinsing them out, then putting regular “people” conditioner in. The wigs were then put on their respective wig heads to dry (they actually had a drying closet!), and then once they were dry, they were restyled. And, no, these were not solely human hair wigs – they were synthetic.

Obviously if you have something that is uniquely styled (like an odango wig or something spikey like Roxas Or Sora from Kingdom Hearts), then you will need to find another way to clean your wig. But clean your wig you must, otherwise you will end up with mold and mildew and you’ll have to throw it away.

When you wear your wig, once you are done, make sure to let it air dry before storing. Again, if you don’t, you’ll end up with mold and have to throw it away. And I find that if you brush out your wig before you put it away, it will make it a lot easier to care for the next time you pull it back out.

Wig conditioner is a great tool for detangling a wig. I’ve also seen tutorials where you can make your own, but I’ve yet to try them so I can not verify whether or not it works. I can say that too much wig conditioner can really make a wig sticky, so don’t over do it – and don’t forget to wash your wig after a few wears to start fresh.

If you have a wavy wig, get a pick. You don’t want your wig to fuzz up on you, and brushing is a sure way to do that. If your curls get out of whack, you can finger-curl them back into shape. It’s time consuming, but the results will look great.

Finally, don’t just throw your wig into a sack – make sure you have wig netting to wrap it in. Gently fold the wig in on itself, then wrap in the netting before storing. It will help keep your wig in great condition for later wear. (Or, if it is a uniquely styled wig, consider storing it on a wig head if you have the space.)


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