Guest Post: Best Brush to Use on a Wig

This was originally asked over on the Starnigh Industries blog and I had to share the info with all of you!


Q: What would be the best brush to use on a wig? (My girlfriend) has a long semi-wavy wig and it needs a good brushing.

A: Actually, I’m not a big fan of brushes – I prefer picks. Brushes tend to tear out the hair. Picks allow you to gently work out tangles and knots. Now, that’s not to say I don’t own one; I do. But the first tool I always go to is the pick-comb I own. (It has a comb on one end and 3 metal tines on the other.)

For brushes, they actually have “wig brushes”. They tend to have fewer teeth than regular brushes. A lot of them have metal tines. Those are fine. I have one that has plastic tines, but they are secured to the brush really well, so I’m not worrid about pulling them out. I would not recommend using a human hair brush on a wig, mainly because most human hair brushes have far too many tines in them.

As for the semi-wavy wig, I recommend gently picking out the knots in small sections. You start at the bottom of the small section and work your way to the crown of the wig. Spray in wig conditioner as needed, and once it is almost done you can gently brush out the rest. From there, clip the smoothed out section away from your workspace.

If you want to restore those curls, make sure to use wig conditioner and consider rolling them into pin curls and hitting it with the hair drier for 3 seconds to get the curls to set. It will put the spring back into your wig.


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