Guest Post: Product Review: Chinese Wigs on Ebay

Another guest post from the lovely ladies at Starnigh Industries!


I’ve been an Ebayer for years, and as it is with most people, sometimes you find great deals and sometimes the things you buy aren’t quite as good as you thought they were. I’ve also been purchasing wigs at random intervals from various sellers throughout the years and have had very few problems with my purchases.

And then the Chinese sellers came to Ebay, and things changed.

While I’ve heard complaints from cosplayers about costumes for quite some time, the wig problem seems to be a newer trend. Unfortunately, they all seem to have a similar problem: wig cap size. I always wondered why this is. I’d always thought it was a specialty-wig problem. Like with the wigs with a back weft, perhaps they didn’t use a larger cap to accomodate for the wefts that had been put in.

However, I purchased three wigs in the last year that were supposed to be standard, straight hair, short wigs with no styling what so ever, and all three of them had extremely small wig caps. Actually, two of them were so small, even Steph (who has a smaller hat size than I do) couldn’t even wear them. They were listed as regular sized wigs, so this should not have been a problem.

We also had a secondary problem where two of the wigs we purchased from two separate companies had color issues – meaning the color they sent us was 2-3 shades darker than the color indicated on the auction. Now, normally we would prefer to chalk something like that up to picture quality, but really, these are so far removed from what they should be that it really seems more of a marketing issue. (IE: they are attempting to sell something they actually don’t have.)

It turns out that a lot of Chinese sellers purchase reject items from the factories for super cheap and then sell them on Ebay. So that wig you are getting could be be from a bad dye lot, have poorly wefted hair, or have a wig cap that is too small to sell on the standard market. If the quality control deems it unfit to sell on the regular market, then that’s the wig you just purchased off Ebay. Isn’t that nice?

In the end, what it boils down to is “you get what you pay for”. We were trying to save a couple of bucks by going the Ebay route to purchase our own wigs, and now we have merchandise we can’t use because of it.

From now on, we’ll be checking out various domestic sellers to see how they roll and we’ll post reviews of their products on here.


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