Meeting Deadlines

Anytime I’m making costumes, I try to set deadlines for myself. I used to stress out about meeting them, and occasionally still do under certain circumstances, but am now a lot more laid back about the entire process. If I don’t meet my own deadlines for finishing a costume, I just extend it to another convention. However, if I’m making something for a specific group or project, I will find a way to get it done and correctly.

I used to stress about deadlines, to where I’d be sewing all hours and even finishing things at conventions. Now, I work at my own pace and finish when I can, perhaps making quick repairs in the hotel. I can’t stand wasting my time at a convention by being stuck sewing in the room.

I think with time, every cosplayer hits this realization that deadlines aren’t always as important as we try to make them be. It’s best to get things finished and with great quality, then to rush everything and potentially make it look like crap. Some people are lucky enough they can make something awesome and rush right through it, but I know that’s not my luck, lol!


About Yunie

I am a cosplayer, a nerd, a geek. I am whatever you call me. However, I have a brain and tend to use it.
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