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Meeting Deadlines

Anytime I’m making costumes, I try to set deadlines for myself. I used to stress out about meeting them, and occasionally still do under certain circumstances, but am now a lot more laid back about the entire process. If I … Continue reading

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No Guest Post Today

😀 There’ll be some again soon, promise!

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Interview with Akinofujiko

It’s time for another interview, this time with Akinofujiko! She’s a talented cosplayer from Australia, who is quite lovely! What’s your cosplay alias and why did you choose it? My cosplay alias is Akinofujiko. It’s actually an alias I’ve been … Continue reading

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Zipper Tutorial

First, I had a busy day. XD No post for Thursday, but I do have one for Friday. Today’s tutorial is a basic one on different types of zippers from Koumori-no-hime. Click to enlarge! Hope this helps! 😀

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No post for Wednesday or Thursday, lmao, but I will have some stuff up for Friday and onward!

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No Post Today

Changing work schedule makes me miss doing the interview… : /

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No Post Today

I have nada to say.

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