Better Cosplay Photos: Working Together

Note from Yunie: Posting this on Friday, so the usual tutorial for today will be up on Saturday.

At Fanime this past Saturday, I had the honor of being on a panel with Yukari Kaiba, Bekalou, and Foxberry. We discussed cosplay photography and photo shoots from both the cosplayer and photographer points of view, with an emphasis on areas where there’s confusion, or where cosplayer/photographer issues often occur. We also discussed model releases and related legal topics.

I was going to summarize the panel in today’s post, but since Jim3535yt did a great job recording the panel, and since I’m still recovering from Con-SARS, I’m just going to post a link to his video. Enjoy!

Many thanks to James Patterson for the video!

About OscarC Photography

Oscar has been a convention and cosplay photographer since 2001. You can follow him on Facebook as OscarC Photography and on deviantArt as ocwajbaum.
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