Packing for Cons

As it gets closer to Denver Comic Con, it’s almost time for me to start making a checklist of things to pack. I suggest doing this for anyone attending a convention, for out of state conventions and cosplayers especially. There’s just so much that you can possibly leave behind!

I always break things down into “normal attire”, “everyday items”, “make-up”, “costume pieces”, and “cosplay essentials”. I may add in some “specialty items” as well, such as gifts for others, if I have some I’m taking.

“Normal attire” consists of just that. I go through regular clothes I’ll be bringing to wear and making sure I pack enough of it.

“Everyday items” are usually my hair brush, underwear, medication, and other such things. This is usually the dumbest stuff, but is honestly the most commonly left behind items. Phone chargers are notorious for finding ways to stay home while you’re on vacation.

“Make-up” is just as it says. I break it down per costume and make sure I have enough of everything so I can achieve each look I want.

“Costume pieces” are also broken down per costume. I make sure I have every piece for each look, including the shoes, so I won’t have an incomplete costume when I go to wear something.

“Cosplay essentials” are items like wig caps and wig brushes. This is something else I have to doublecheck myself on because wig caps are also notorious for jumping out of bags and staying home. Sneaky lil’ boogers.

Hopefully my sharing of this can help you all out when you’re getting ready for a con. I know my system usually works, as long as I’m not being last minute with everything.


About Yunie

I am a cosplayer, a nerd, a geek. I am whatever you call me. However, I have a brain and tend to use it.
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    Add your A friend of ours is going to Denver Comic Con with us, and she offers some useful tips on packing. 😀

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