Denver Comic Con 2012

A little over a week ago, I attended the first Denver Comic Con after the creators of said con convinced me to while I was working Animeland Wasabi this year. I was still unsure if I’d attend, but when they started announcing their guests, I quickly became gung ho about going.

Friday of the convention, I had my friends, Patti and Steph, meet me at my condo to carpool down to the Hyatt Regency since we learned from our roomie for the con, Mint, that it was going to be stupid expensive to park there. When they arrived, we quickly packed up their stuff into my car while I got some last-minute sewing done on my Poison Ivy costume. Once I finished, we packed up and my boyfriend drove us all down to Denver.

Upon arrival, we saw how close we were to the con itself and got excited. We unloaded into our room and were thoroughly impressed with how spacious it was and how friendly the staff was. We quickly got into our Big Bang Theory costumes with Patti as Stephanie, Steph as Amy, Mint as Leonard, and myself as Sheldon. We headed to the convention center to help Patti and Steph set up their artist alley table, which the staff let us do without a big fuss, and then proceeded to wander around from there.

The first day was somewhat slow, but you could tell that it had the potential to explode into big groups on Saturday. My friends and I spent most of Friday getting our bearings and relaxing (with me working off and on sewing Poison Ivy… ugh).

Saturday was the big day. I spent most of the day sewing, again, and finally just said enough was enough. Mint and I headed down to the con, meeting up with friends here and there. She dressed as Rochelle Goyle from Monster High and I was sporting Phoenix from X-Men. We split off at one point so I could go get my Spike figurine from the Buffy series signed by James Marsters. 😀 I only had to stand in line for a short while, chatting off and on with volunteers (so friendly!), then went up and got my figurine signed. 😀 It was cool to briefly chat with Mr. Marsters, revealing I planned to finish my Drusilla costume eventually, and I got told to have it done next year so he could see it. XD I admit, it was hard not to fangirl.

From there, I met up with Mint so we could go put stuff away in our hotel room and change into different clothing. She got into her Godzilla kirugumi and I got into Elektra, which was my back-up in case Poison Ivy didn’t get completed. We wandered around briefly until Patti and Steph were ready to head out to dinner. The rest of the night was spent dorking around and me still trying to complete Poison Ivy. XD

Sunday, we packed up and had the Hyatt Regency hold our luggage until my boyfriend could come pick us up. We all headed back to the con, where I finally got to head into the exhibition hall and shop around. There was so much variety! 😀 I never did get all the way through everything, which was unfortunate, but sooooo much stuffff! The only downside was people blocking traffic when taking photos in the aisles. : / I don’t understand how hard it is to either wait until you’re off to the side or out of the exhibition hall entirely.

I ended up buying a very pricey Darth Vader figurine for the boyfriend since he couldn’t attend the con (he is next year, though) before we had to go meet up with him. Once we did that, we headed back to the con and I ran into Colin Ferguson from Eureka and promptly told him he was awesome at the con because of his fan interaction. XD He said thanks with a big ol’ grin and hurried off to catch his flight.

Back at the con, we asked volunteers very politely if we could take my boyfriend into the exhibition hall to help break down Patti and Steph’s artist alley table. They were very polite and agreed we could if we had a badge for him, so we borrowed one to get him in. XD From there, I had him go with me so I could get Chandler Riggs’ autograph, since we’re both Walking Dead fans. We chatted briefly with him while he signed a photo from Season 3 (squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!) for me, then went back to help the girls break down their table.

In the midst of that, Denver Comic Con did a special announcement for their 2013 guest of honor, and Stan Lee came on over the intercom and announced he’d be attending next year. For a first-year con? AWESOME.

Needless to say, we finished packing, chatting with staff members here and there as we were heading out and saying our goodbyes. I was very impressed with the organization, guests, and overall direction this con took. They were friendly instead of the usual mix of good and bad attitudes I’m used to seeing. The hotel we stayed at was WONDERFUL, which is rare to see these days.

Will I return? Oh most definitely, with VIP tickets in tow, especially with Stan Lee appearing next year. Awesome job, Denver Comic Con, you managed to restore my faith in the convention scene. ❤

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