AnomalyCon 2013 Review

This past weekend, I attended my first Steampunk convention, AnomalyCon! My friends over at Starlit Creations had a vendor’s booth there this year and asked if I would lend them a hand, so I promptly agreed. 😀

We arrived Friday afternoon and set up after some traffic issues. I had to do some running around and asking of questions for my friends while they were stuck on the highway, and everyone was very informative and super friendly. While I waited, I watched others show up and was flabbergasted at the amazing creativity with the costumes. After my friends got there, we realized Friday was going to be slow, so we relaxed, got some sales done, closed down for the night and enjoyed the evening while doing some last few things for the booth for Saturday.

Saturday, the girls went down early in their costumes, Steampunk Poison Ivy and Harley, and started selling while I napped, since I wasn’t sleeping well. Around noon, I got up and donned Steampunk Catwoman and finally joined them. There were a lot more people, everyone still super friendly and donned in amazing costumes. Even the staff of the hotel for the Doubletree were friendly, which was a nice contrast after the fiasco at Animeland Wasabi! We had a ton of pictures taken and compliments on all of our costumes whenever we managed to walk around the actual convention. We tried to switch each other out to go wander, but never made it to any panels since we remained pretty busy the entire day. I did manage to catch some of the Pandora Celtica concert in the late afternoon, and I highly suggest people check out their music whenever you get a chance. 😀

Later in the day, the girls and I got back into normal clothes, finishing out the day in comfort. I did some shopping through te dealer’s room and picked up some awesome stuff, such as swords, bath bombs, and a corset! Once we closed down, my boyfriend met up with us and we all headed to Slattery’s Irish Pub nearby and enjoyed some drinks and amazing food! Once back at the hotel, we relaxed and crashed out.

Sunday was super slow, but Starlit Creations still made some sales. Our booth neighbors joined us while we watched the World Cosplay Summit U.S. Finals, cheering on friends. There were some awesome groups this year, with Cupcake Cosplay finally scoring a win! The local group, Wild Garden Cosplay, came in second, and I do not envy the judges on choosing who would win. However, the livestream, lighting, and audio from Anime Matsuri were pretty horrendous. I look forward to American Cosplay Paradise’s video coverage of it, so I can actually experience it fully without hiccups. Once that was finished, we closed down shop and packed up, all of us heading home.

I was very impressed with AnomalyCon. The crowd was mature, had amazing costumes and attitudes, the hotel was beautiful and the staff was awesome, and the convention itself was very organized with friendly staff. I plan on returning next year!


About Yunie

I am a cosplayer, a nerd, a geek. I am whatever you call me. However, I have a brain and tend to use it.
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