Denver Comic Con 2013 Review

Oh man, this is going to be a LONG review. I’m going to actually start with events that took place before this year’s Denver Comic Con, so please bear with me.

When tickets first went on sale, my boyfriend and I immediately pre-registered. We both were planning on attending this year after 2012 had been an absolute blast, though couldn’t afford VIP tickets at the time. I had planned to try and attend the majority of the pre-DCC events taking place, but only managed to make it to Punch Bowl Social’s revealing of the Caped Brewsader, the official beer for the convention this year. We got our glasses designed by Ben Templesmith, made some new friends, and thoroughly enjoyed the event, which only increased my excitement for the convention! I had planned to attend the Mile High Comics pre-party as well to pick up my badges early, but issues with the printers caused no one to be able to get their badges early… And this is where the fun begins for that. Also prior to the con, I had managed to purchase the silver VIP Stan Lee tickets, but had to refund after he had to cancel his appearance to film a movie cameo. : / I love William Shatner and all, but it’s just not the same.

Now, onto the con part of things!

Friday, my friend Patti arrived early at my condo from Fort Collins so we could get everything packed up in my vehicle and take us down to the con. She and her wife, Steph, were part of Artist Alley again this year, but Steph was going to have come down later. As such, I offered to help them out as much as possible with some profit from the table to help cover expenses. We all agreed to terms and made plans that actually worked out surprisingly well. Well, we got to our hotel, the Sheraton, fairly quickly and were pleasantly surprised we were able to check in and get my car valeted super easy. Once we were done there, we headed to the convention and went in to pick up their passes. I got a temporary one to help load-in and set up, then I’d go get my passes for the boyfriend and I later. We got everything up and ready pretty quick before Steph let me know she needed me to come get her at my condo. So, I bid Patti farewell and headed out of the con noticing a very large line building up, but didn’t pay much more attention to it. I walked back to the hotel, got my car, and trekked to my condo to load up Steph and head back. Once back at the Sheraton, she got into Black Widow, we walked back to the con, and I exchanged her for Patti. XD We then walked back to the hotel and she changed into Scarlet Witch, while I learned there was a 4+ hour wait to pick up badges, no matter what type, and it was 5:30 p.m. I opted to not get into Phoenix from X-Men, so I could quickly head back to the con and either get a refund for Friday or get my damned badge, plus deliver the fliers for the D20 Girls.

Once back at the con, Patti headed up to Artist Alley while I headed over to a newly set-up registration table and talked to someone in charge. They were very polite and understandably overwhelmed and directed me where I needed to go. From there, I went down to the actual registration booth and explained the situation, managing to keep my cool. I was livid, not going to deny it. I had been busy working and running around all day so I wasn’t about to stand in line and MAYBE get my badge. I had been pre-registered since the beginning of 2013 and wasn’t happy. They super apologized for the situation and got my badges immediately for me, and then I joined my friends, Em and Mint, to help them get changed out and continue calming down over the silly situation. They convinced me to hop into Em’s tiger kigurumi and we headed back to the con, hanging out for a bit until our other friend, Teca arrived. We learned the con was staying open an hour later, which was nice, but after putzing around, we headed back to Mint’s hotel room to meet Teca and get her in. I changed out of the kigurumi at this point and headed back to the con to meet Patti and Steph so we could journey back to our hotel together. Once they got changed in our room, we ordered pizza, talked about the day and the crazy line-con, then slept.

Saturday, we were up at 7 a.m., so we could all get in to costume and get the ladies back to Artist Alley and ready to go. We grabbed some quick breakfast and got into Steampunk Harley Quinn (Steph), Poison Ivy (Patti), and Catwoman (myself) and headed to the con. They got in super easy, but I got directed to go wait in line. I followed the HUGE lines around the side of the convention, getting into the one I was directed to and proceeded to wait until 10 a.m. after I had been told they opened at 9 a.m. This made me angry again, as last year we didn’t have to deal with this if we had badges. We went in, badge shown, and went about our business. People were angry because they were going to miss scheduled panels and events, or were afraid they’d get bad spots in line once there, so everyone was complaining. Once inside, I headed to the D20 Girls table and hung out for a bit. After no one was showing up and lack of interest other than people wanting my picture, I headed upstairs to check on the girls in Artist Alley. I got some quick photos with our entire group, had still heard nothing about who was showing up for the D20 table, so I went and got some of the autographs I wanted with Sandeep Parikh, Robin Thorsen, and J. August Richards. Once I got those, I realized I was getting a nasty migraine from my Catwoman wig and goggles, so I headed back to the hotel to change into my second costume for the day and drop my stuff off.

Deciding to get into Poison Ivy, I half-changed into it and met my friend, Robbie, and her wonderful fiancé at their hotel room so she could lend me a hand. Once we got me into Poison Ivy the rest of the way, we headed down to the con with them in their amazing Sith costumes and me being a foliage monster. I went and checked on the D20 ladies and introduced myself before I had to head upstairs and check on Patti and Steph again. During this time, I saw a costume that stuck with me all weekend. There was a gal as a feminized version of Jason from the Friday the 13th series that nearly had all her upper assets hanging out. The con had very specific coverage rules, and this just… bugged me. A lot. I kept my mouth shut, though, as it’s her choice and I have no affiliation with staff to step in and say anything. I continued to meet my ladies and they were hungry, so was I, and as such I decided to get us all foods. I met up with Mint in her Doctor Doom, and Em in her Super Girl, and we went and grabbed sandwiches for us all. At this point, I was realizing that my breast bone was hurting from my corset, so I went up and gave my AA ladies their foods. After being snapped at by Argus Event Staff members who randomly decided to change where the exit was going to be for the Exhibit Hall, I then headed back to meet with my girls. I was irate at the fact they decided to change us going out unused doors to going back out the entrance doors, causing a giant traffic jam. Mint was ready to change, but since I needed help, she joined me on my journey to my hotel and helped me change into Phoenix from X-Men. From there, we went to her hotel and she changed into Hawkeye, then we returned to the con in time to meet my boyfriend who got to finally make it there. I went off with him, since there was maybe an hour left of the convention, and we headed back into the exhibition hall to allow him to see Patti and Steph, plus let me give them breaks if needed. Once done, we wandered into the autographs area to get some that we wanted and the only line I could still get in and wait? George Takei. Win. Once done, the area was closing down, so we waited for the ladies to finish up and met up to head back to the hotel. We got changed again, ate, and then the boy and I headed out to go to the Impulse Theatre for a pub crawl with Effin’ Funny, featuring Sandeep Parikh and Robin Thorsen.

The pub crawl started at the theatre and went to 2-Up, an arcade bar located off of Colfax in Capitol Hill, and we all were there for about an hour and half drinking and gaming. We got to chat with the celebrity guests and just have fun! Once a certain time hit, we had to get back on the bus and we moved to the next bar, The Three Lions, also on Colfax. We drank, people played pool and darts, and everyone got to make some new friends and just enjoy the night! Once we got back on the bus, we went to our last pub which was supposed to be the Gin Mill in LoDo, then got switched to Zanzibar, then finally the Armory. At the end of the night, people could hop back onto the bus and travel to the Hyatt near the convention center or find their own way home, lol! The boyfriend and I were parked nearby and after making sure to limit ourselves, we drove back to my hotel and I got dropped off, while he headed home. It was a lot of fun and one of the highlights of the con for both of us!

The final day, we got up at 7:30 a.m. and Patti and Steph got into costume while I finished packing up. I was supposed to be in Black Widow, but things went awry, so Steph wore the costume again. We returned to the con, where again, they got in and I had to wait in the HUGE line to get inside. This was ridiculous, but at least we got in a bit earlier and faster than the previous day. I went in, checked the D20 table and sat for a bit, then headed up to feed my girls again, and myself. After I ate and hadn’t heard anything about returning to the fan table, I quickly got in line and got Wil Wheaton’s autograph. The boyfriend arrived as everyone was shutting down to do panels, so we wandered the hall before heading out for lunch. Upon going outside, my phone was bombarded with messages for the fan table and that’s when I realized how horrible reception was in the convention center. -.- We finished lunch and I headed back to the exhibit hall in time to break the girls for a bit and let them use the restroom and get to actually walk around for a bit. My boyfriend did the same before he went to get autographs and after the girls returned, I headed to get Felicia Day’s. Sadly, she was slammed and had a flight to catch, so I missed out on that one. : /

We wandered around a bit more and then I relieved the girls again for a bit, before going and getting an Elektra figurine I had been eyeing, a print from the creator of Lady Death and had it signed by him as well, and a book. I stayed sitting and just helped the girls out, while checking out the cosplay guests’ information. I had seen IBot around the con and they’re always impressive with their suits and costumes, and then checked out AZ Powergirl. I was devastated to learn she had been the female Jason that was nearly flashing everyone from the day before. That’s a guest? Wow. I was unimpressed at that. A cosplay guest should be promoting the community and encouraging people, not nearly spilling out of their top and barely meeting DCC’s costuming standards and rules while looking like a hot mess. I heard many other negative stories about her throughout the con that left a bad taste in my mouth, so DCC, please actually do a little research when it comes to “cosplay guests”. Once everything shut down, we got everything packed up and headed home.

Overall, the con was enjoyable. I got a lot of nice swag, the crowds weren’t too bad, pricing was decent, and my friends in AA did well. There was confusion with the fan table I was supposed to be helping which wasn’t helped by bad reception inside the convention. Con staff was friendly and sociable, while Argus Event Staff were not, with a few exceptions. Panel lines were a bit bad, but the simulcasts didn’t run, which I later found out was a problem caused by the convention center itself. Guests were awesome, with the exception of one leaving a bad taste in peoples’ mouths that I openly heard about or saw for myself. Lines for badges the first day were stupid, were slightly less dumb on the second day, and weren’t too horrible by the third, though those already with badges in hand should be able to get in without waiting in another frickin’ line. And I definitely need to stay in a hotel closer to the con, though the staff at Sheraton were exceptional. I plan on returning and getting VIP tickets next year, so please bring me Stan Lee. >.>

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