Anomaly Con 2014 Review

This past weekend, I attended the local Steampunk convention, Anomaly Con! My friends over at Starnigh Industries asked me to help them with their vendor tables, and our wonderful friend, SunseenLi, came out from New York to help as well! 😀

The ladies of Starnigh Industries and I arrived on Thursday, and were pleasantly surprised to find out that the convention had managed to get free parking at the Marriott in the Denver Tech Center. This hotel is notorious for sticking it to you with the fees, but they had thrown out the one for parking. On top of that, getting a fridge and microwave was also no attached fee to the lowered room rates. GOOD START! We relaxed down in the bar for the evening and watched set-up, while wandering around to get an idea where things were going to potentially be.

Friday rolled around and we got up early to grab food. Once back to the hotel, we had to wait until noon to load into the vendor room, so we waited for SunseenLi to arrive and I was a bum and took a nap. 😀 I woke up with excellent timing, as she arrived and we all exchanged hugs, then loaded up to head down to the vendor room. We had to wait a bit, since they were finishing marking areas in the room, but it wasn’t too long and everyone working the room were super helpful with tables and set-up. We had until three to get everything ready, and while the room opened a little later than planned, Andrew and Justin (the 2 continuously awesome people keeping us all up to date) came by and constantly let us know what was going on. Once opened, sales started with a good start and continued to be decent until everything shut down around 8 p.m.

Once everything had shut down, we decided to take SunseenLi out to Indian food for the first time, then came back and hung out in the Marriott’s bar, allowing her to try her first Colorado Bulldog. We chatted with a friend of mine, Scott, before we all decided sleep was greatly needed.

We woke up super early on Saturday, well, for my standards, and everyone got into our DC Steampunk costumes. I was Catwoman, Yaten was Harley Quinn, Seiya was Poison Ivy, and SunseenLi was Batgirl. We headed down to the booth and opened for business, but realized it was oddly slow for a Saturday. Studying things, we realized it was because of very few signs directing people and an off entrance for the vendor room. We brought these to Andrew’s attention, and several people attempted to make signs and open second doors at one point. It was a good attempt to fix things, at least. ❤

At one point, we all decided it was time to switch out of costumes. SunseenLi and I ran off to get her Tracy Hickman’s autograph, then I ran off to finally get out of vinyl death for the rest of the evening. From there, we continued to try to sell in the vendor room until it closed, then ran away to a nearby pub for dinner. A quick game of Cards Against Humanity, and we all crashed out early to prepare for Sunday.

Sunday morning involved a lot of packing and going downstairs to sell a bit more until SunseenLi was whisked off to the airport. After some sad farewells, Starnigh’s ladies and I continued running the table and checking out the other vendors. The con sent around comment cards, where we got to express our concerns. Andrew went around and personally collected them, which was an awesome end to a small con trying to grow and make things better.

All-around, it was an enjoyable convention. Lots of new friends, a ton of amazing costumes and performances, and just a wonderfully great time. ❤ I’m happy to be attending again next year!




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