Denver Comic Con 2014 Review

A little late, but here’s my review of Denver Comic Con this year!

I actually started doing stuff for the convention on the Thursday before it. Mile High Comics, which is a huge warehouse comic book store located here in Denver, hosted a pre-party that basically lasted the entire day. I donned Black Widow, the boyfriend joined me in his Ash costume from Evil Dead, and we met up with friends there to enjoy the festivities. A lot of creators showed up to do sketches and signings, including the Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno! There was a cosplay contest and a cosplay drag show, along with several LARP and weapons exhibitions and the store itself provided food and drinks for everyone. It was a lot of fun, and if they continue doing it again next year, it’s definitely worth checking out!

From there, I went down to the Hyatt in downtown Denver right next to the convention center and settled in for the night with my roommates. Getting up super early, we had breakfast and I got the girls from Starlit Creations ready to head down to their booth. They happily got to set up the night before, which helped decrease some stress for the weekend! Once they were on their way, I had to patiently wait for the boyfriend to arrive with a costume piece I left at home (I’m so smart ; p) and we quickly got into costume when he did (Malory and Sterling Archer). Once at the convention center, we were pleasantly surprised that we could just waltz on in. No lines! 😀 Vast improvement from the previous year!

From there, we made our way upstairs to check out the exhibition hall and start collecting autographs and prints that we wanted, especially after the boyfriend learned he had to go out of town on Sunday. The lines were there, but moved relatively quick, and each of the celebrities we met were all amazing. Staff and volunteers stuck to their posts and were all very friendly and helpful as well! Even the convention center staffing from ARGUS seemed better this year!

We made our rounds and actually attempted to make some panels, and this is where we started noticing the only gripe I really had the entire weekend. There was so much programming, that it was hard to plan what all you wanted to attend and make it on time since things ran so closely together. We planned out on Guidebook and started seeing we would have a lot of problems making all the panels, especially on Saturday. We gave up for Friday and made the rounds, helping out our friends at their booth and then just dorking around with others. By the time the exhibition hall closed, we all got changed, enjoyed dinner, did some quick restocking of inventory and promptly crashed out for the night as the boyfriend had to return home (we have a cat to take care of, after all).

Saturday was not as early as Friday, but again, I made sure to get the ladies from Starlit Creations out the door first. The boyfriend arrived in Ash from Evil Dead and I finished getting into Black Widow, and we hurried down to the con to try and get Bruce Campbell’s autograph for the boyfriend. Then the mass confusion began…

Campbell was only there on Saturday and Sunday. When we asked three separate staff members about the autograph line for him, we got three separate answers. When they compared notes, it was quite obvious that no one really had a clear answer other than what was going on for his photo ops. As such, we gave up and raced over to that area and explained what was going on and the staff over there promptly got us into line. While it was a bit of a wait, we got to chat with other fans and staff and learned that there was some miscommunication between Campbell’s manager and the convention itself. Now it made sense! Either way, we got our photo and the actor himself was super nice and friendly, and the boyfriend was happy to meet one of his favorite celebrities.

About that time, we decided to go for lunch and learned the Hyatt was doing special prices for grilled items out on their little patio. We took advantage of it, hanging out with friends, and then I raced up to the room to change into human Demona from Gargoyles. I wanted to get into as quick as I could to make the reunion panel, but some wardrobe malfunctions screwed that all up. Instead, the boyfriend and I checked everything out in the exhibition hall almost entirely before it closed down. I did a quick photoshoot, then it was time to change and get food. Thus the tradition start of going to Bayou Bob’s every year because it was delicious on so many levels!

Playing musical chairs with cars was tons of fun afterwards, though. I got back to the hotel and crashed out pretty quick after more inventory and packing. The next morning, we were all exhausted, but the Hyatt took care of luggage super quick and we headed over to the convention. I waited in line for the first time all weekend to get inside, but once 10 a.m. hit, we were very quickly moving inside. I got some last minute stuff and relaxed, then was pleasantly surprised when my boyfriend showed up because he didn’t have to go out of town for work until later!

The day was chill and when it came to the end of the convention, we quickly took down the booth for Starlit Creations and packed up. We weren’t too happy to learn prices were increasing with smaller table sizes, and we now have to purchase insurance plus use the porter service at the convention center unless we can carry items in with one person. Hopefully DCC and the exhibitors can work something out to make everyone happy, but only time will tell!

I’ll be looking forward to next year! Hopefully I can be able to attend a little bit more with some better programming planning! ❤

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