“Your Hate Fuels My Cosplay”: A Rant

There is a trend of t-shirts being sold and worn that state “Your Hate Fuels My Cosplay”. Now, while it’s meant to be a more uplifting message about ignoring the haters, it bugs me. A lot. It feels like the people wearing these shirts care more about what people think about them, instead of enjoying the hobby.

Cosplay is something meant to be fun, an artistic celebration of something you enjoy. No one’s nasty words towards you should influence what you make. It can be motivation, and that’s understandable, but “fueling your cosplay”? No. Just, no. That should be you, and only you, doing something you enjoy.

Our community needs to stop caring so much about being judged, whether by inside or outside the community. I’ve been doing this for over ten years, and for the first few, I fellinto the trap of 4chan and various sites that did nothing but put down cosplayers. It took me time, but I understood that their opinions did not matter. If I’m not having fun and enjoying my hobby, then I should quit. I shouldn’t be doing this to prove myself to anyone. Nor should you.

So while this message of “Your Hate Fuels My Cosplay” is meant to be a positive outlook on a negative situation, we really shouldn’t be caring about the haters. Let people run their mouths. Let them say what they want. You are you. You are having fun. And their opinions? They don’t matter.

EDIT: If you’re a fan of the shirt, the creator has asked me to link them as well, which I’m more than fine with doing. Because contrary to what some people “read”, I do agree with the message. I just disagree with how some people are using it more as an antagonizing device instead of just ignoring said hatred and judgement tossed their way, WHICH IS THE INITIAL MESSAGE HERE. So, before jumping down my throat or anyone else’s, including the creator, read the post. Form your own opinion. Go from there.

In the end, we want positivity in the community. Not more bickering.

Lastly, here’s the store where you can purchase a shirt of your own if you so wish!

About Yunie

I am a cosplayer, a nerd, a geek. I am whatever you call me. However, I have a brain and tend to use it.
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12 Responses to “Your Hate Fuels My Cosplay”: A Rant

  1. Eri Kagami says:

    I haven’t seen the shirt, but I do agree with you. It shows that you do give a shit about the haters. The fact that it directly addresses bullies shows they do care what negative people think of them. I get the original intention, but it’s the same thing with the saying, “Number one rule of cosplay – don’t be a dick.” It should go without saying you shouldn’t be a douche at all in or out of costume; cosplay needs more do’s and less don’t’s…let’s put positivity back.

    • Yunie says:

      And I understand the message is meant to be positive, as more of a motivational confidence boosting thing, but I’ve seen some of the more negative people in the scene using it as an antagonizing device. That’s where I have the issue.

  2. Hey Yunie, this is Frank AKA “The Wicked Tailor” who is behind all those T-SHirts you have been seeing. I liked your article and was wondering if you could credit me in the article now that you know who makes them. My Page is http://www.facebook.com/TheWickedTailor Thank you!

  3. Lol says:

    That moment in life when someone doesn’t understand a satire.

    • Yunie says:

      That moment when someone can’t read between the lines of a satiricial message and see how people can make it more antagonizing instead of positive.

  4. I don’t think that is what the shirt is saying. Also, a human is a human. We have feelings, and it doesn’t matter how stone cold you are against name calling, it still hurts. Not everyone can have the same self confidence etc…And with the younger generation there will always be judging. Always. People judge themselves more than others do. So, that shirt is there to give people a “hurrah” of self confidence. It is also another way of saying ” I don’t care what you think.” You take the shirt WAAAAAYYYY to literal. For some it could just be a symbol of the strength they need to ignore the evil people etc…So, don’t go hating on a shirt with a message that could be some people saving grace.

    • Yunie says:

      I’m not directly hating a shirt. I understand the message. I see what it stands for. I’m saying people need to learn that they should stop letting nasty words get to them and focus more on the positivity of the community. I’ve also seen some of the more negative people wear said shirt and that’s more of what irks me. It’s basically a “Come at Me, Bro” at that point, which only antagonizes the drama instead of ignoring it. I’m merely looking at the other side of things that a simple statement can make.

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  6. Koza says:

    I don’t think they are stating that hate is the only thing motivating them with those shirts. “Adding fuel to the fire” would be a better way of stating it. With or without the shirt, people will always be criticized for their cosplay. By wearing the shirts I believe they are just stating that instead of letting the “haters” get to them, they will take it in a positive way and use it as MORE fuel to the already burning fire.
    Granted, you have a point, people shouldn’t let others get to them when it comes to their cosplays. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done for some. I can easily ignore people, while my sister may take it more to heart. Everyone is different, which is why the shirt exists. For those who don’t look “exactly” like the character , they can be viciously attacked by those who suck the fun out of cosplay. Those attacks can break their spirit, so by looking at the shirt, they may gain back a little confidence. Just remember, by saying who cares, don’t let it ruin your cosplay, it may be easy for you and me to say that, but others will struggle doing so.
    People will always have their own opinion. Whether it comes to cosplay, shirts, or ideas, so it is up to us to respect each other and our opinions. In that same sense, I completely understand where you are coming from and respect what you are saying, I am not attacking you at all! I enjoy seeing the shirts as well, but it’s up to the person on how they view the shirt. It’s supposed to be a positive note, but those taking it in a negative way can fuel the negativity that we are trying to stop in the cosplay world. Although, no matter how hard we try, “haters” will always exist, but we can always help in easing how “haters” affect those around us. 🙂

  7. cosplaymom says:

    As a Mom (who was just a Mom first, before I ever began cosplaying myself- which was recently, and why I’m late to this blog, though glad to find it!)
    I agree with Yunie’s concerns. Firstly, words (satirical or not) do matter. It’s like code- you don’t evaluate what you WANT it to do, you evaluate what it DOES when it compiles.
    I love the community that cosplay daughter and I have found precisely because it’s so positive. The community was nice when we started and were clueless, still supportive now that we’re in the midst of it.
    That’s the lesson I’d prefer for my daughter: support and acceptance, and I’d prefer it even for those poor souls who might hate.
    Hate harms the victim or recipient, but ultimately destroys the hater.
    Platitudes, maybe. But if we’re going to play make-believe, I’d prefer the make-believe where the good guys win.

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