Facing Facts on Tree City Comic Con

With the success of all the various comic conventions popping up everywhere, it’s always best to research where the money is potentially going. Or double check guest announcements. Why? Conventions are getting more and more expensive, so you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, and that it isn’t potentially a scam.

Up in Idaho, there are actually quite a few conventions popping up. Anime Oasis and Fandemonium have been around for over ten years now, the latter happening August 1st through the 3rd this year. Now, there is a convention attempting to grow from their examples called Tree City Comic Con. Unfortunately, there are so many “iffy” aspects of it, that it’s not a convention starting off on the right foot at all.

We’ll start off with one of the simpler pieces of the puzzle. On May 30th, Tree City announced Nicole Marie Jean, a very well known U.S. cosplayer, as a guest on their Facebook page. As of June 16th, in a private email screen-capped and sent to me, she made it clear she had no knowledge of being a guest there, or the fact her image was being used without her consent. If it has been cleared up since then, I don’t know, but with all of their big guest announcements, I’d be curious who else isn’t actually going.

They’ve also claimed to be connected with Salt Lake City Comic Con, another convention who has had huge success within their first few years. Kevin Hansen, the head of Tree City Comic Con, claimed to have worked for them, when all SLCCC has done was rent AV equipment from him. While there were no issues between the two, SLCCC has made it clear they wish to dispel the rumor because they’re not associated with Tree City AT ALL. Again, this was all shown to me via screen-capped emails.

The final nasty piece? Kevin Hansen is being tried for theft, and you can see the story here. I cannot find any new information on it all, so I’m not sure if the case has been closed or if continuances have been granted to cause it to not continue to trial just yet. Either way, it’s something that would make me wary to throw my money at this con.

Needless to say, it’s best to take a look on everything and make a decision before dropping cash on something like this. There are so many comic conventions now, that I’d hate to see people disappointed and potentially getting scammed, when we have so many options to attend. Be aware, take note, and think about it before jumping on the boat.

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I am a cosplayer, a nerd, a geek. I am whatever you call me. However, I have a brain and tend to use it.
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6 Responses to Facing Facts on Tree City Comic Con

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  2. Lauri Kumke says:

    It seems to me that you were in need of something to write so you reached into your hat and pulled this out. You are throwing your own speculations out as if presenting facts. You stated that Nicole Marie Jean did not have any knowledge that she was to be a guest. You spend your next sentences carefully choosing your words to insinuate that she actually was offended at the thought. You give one sentence to state the fact that you have no idea if this was cleared up. I doubt very seriously that persons such as this woman are fully aware of each place they will be appearing and when their agent has released permission to use their image.
    Secondly, you state that Kevin Hansen was known to have said he once worked for SLCCC. Technically he did. If he was hired to provide AV equipment then he was considered to a subcontractor. So, yes, he did work for them. In addition, I would like to point out the most companies..most people… trying to get their start are likely to throw out the name of someone “big” with whom they can be associated. For example, I tell you that Harrison Ford and I were in the same restaurant. Then I say, “I spoke with him.” you will assume that I held a conversation with the him and be very impressed. I actually may have simply said, “How are you?” as he passed by. It is called promoting oneself or business.
    Lastly, Kevin Hansen did get arrested. He made a mistake. He got caught. Do you know how many people do the same or worse and never see the repercussions? Everyday people take office supplies home from work. That is a crime. American businesses lose $20 to $40 billion per year from employees walking out the door with something that is not theirs to take.
    Have you asked yourself questions or looked for facts concerning why this Mr. Hansen may have done this? Is there not some point of desperation that any of us may have considered making the wrong choice? It is very easy to see the bad in someone but perhaps looking for the good would be more beneficial. I am not saying that what Mr. Hansen did was right of justified but he made a mistake for which he was held accountable. He now seems to be doing his best to leave his past behind and look to a productive future. I have an idea, let us all take a moment to be certain we deny him any chance of that with our tirades and rumors. Take heed that when you do that you had better keep a close watch on your back because there will always be someone waiting in the shadows to do the same to you.
    I can only assume that you are in no way a professional writer. I find the quality of your work to be less than that of a fifth grade homework assignment. You rely almost solely on conjecture and any facts you state are themselves shaky. Perhaps the next time you choose to write something you will spend more time researching and less time eating Cheetos and scratching your balls.

    • Yunie says:

      Actually, I have emails with Nicole from June that are her stating she was never invited. It’s now September, so that could have changed. Her email did sound offended at her images being used without her permission, and understandably so.

      Secondly, I wouldn’t assume you were a big-shot off of a conversation with someone. I also have emails stating they contracted him for AV equipment, but per statements made by Kevin, he claimed he did a lot more with the convention than he did. He should’ve just been honest and say exactly what he did.

      A thief is a thief, no matter the reasons. I actually tried to find more facts before posting this concerning what he did and did not steal, and only posted the story that hit the news. There were a lot more allegations made that I decided didn’t have enough facts behind them, so I negated using them.

      Actually, I’m a professional freelance writer, and this is a blog. Welcome to blogging. And free speech. And the internet. Chill out. You’re welcome to disagree on my writing, but you also negated to use any facts while I have physical emails that I did use.

      Lastly, I have no balls and hate Cheetos. Calm yourself. If the con proves to be a success, I’ll be the first to post something on it; if not, then add it to the list of failure cons. I just hope it doesn’t potentially rip people off in the process if that’s the case.

  3. Lauri Kumke says:

    You and I will never know each other, however, I want to take a moment to apologize for my excessive rudeness. Facts are my concern and I went above and beyond with some of my comments. That is seldom in my personality to do. I appreciate that you did not print allegations as so many on the news and in blogs do. I have been a blogger and have been hired to write for many years. I am not against freedom of speech. What I am is one of those who always takes on the plight of the underdog. If someone has been told they cannot do something I am the first one to grab my pompoms and start up a rally.
    I do not know Tree City and I will not be anywhere near Idaho for any of these events. Although it is not necessarily my place I suppose I felt need to take up their cause. I am more than likely at least twice your age. I won’t play my “back in the day” song to you, I promise. I will say that I still believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt. I think that if someone has a dream they should be allowed to follow it with everything they have. I am not in the majority when I say I believe that most people, granted not all, have a basic sense of decency. I am the queen and ruler of second chances It is my thought that if you look deeply into someone you will see a speck of your own life. If we always took the time to do that then we may treat each other differently. I know everything cannot always be sunshine and roses but I do believe that if we would spend as much time building people up and we do tearing them down this really would be a better world to live in.
    I am apologizing to you for my harshness as I find that I was doing nothing more than behaving in a way that I would ask others not to. I wish you the best of luck with your blog and I hope that you will have the opportunity to write about a successful con.

    • Yunie says:

      I appreciate the apology, and honestly, I do hope they prove me wrong. Unfortunately, they’re doing a lot of the same actions that previous conventions that have been proven to be scams have done in the past (DashCon and Animeland Wasabi are the first to come to mind).

      Even if this year isn’t as successful as they hope, I’m hoping they can learn from it and do some better PR, as that has been their biggest downfall. Some of the things that have been said since I posted this article have been insulting and thoroughly disgusting, but I chose not to add it because not all members of Tree City’s staff have been doing it. It may just be bad apples.

  4. Lauri Kumke says:

    That was a really great post!

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