The Latest Denver Comic Con 2015 Report Ever

Well, probably not, but it is insanely late! Blame my work schedule! ; P

Back towards the end of May, I attended Denver Comic Con! I’ll do a breakdown of each day, as much as I can fully remember, lol!

Friday, May 22, I debuted my new Dark Phoenix costume, along with the boyfriend’s Captain Malcolm Reynolds, at the Denver Comic Con pre-party at Mile High Comics! I had a lot of fun getting to meet creators and get some art prints without the chaos of the convention. Mile High Comics did a costume contest and I managed to score third place competing with all the other lovely ladies in attendance, and then it was followed by an awesome drag show. 😀 Afterwards, my boyfriend and I headed home to finish packing for the con the next day and attempt sleep!

The next day, May 23, we gathered our stuff and made our way down to Hyatt next to the Denver Convention Center and quickly learned that we should have gone the night before. Traffic was terrible and we had to wait an hour to actually get our room. Happily, we got to eat and once checked in, I quickly changed into my Dark Phoenix costume. The boyfriend and I spent the day catching up with friends, exploring the exhibition hall (which had definitely doubled in size), and getting autographs. The lines weren’t bad the first day, neither was the crowd congestion, but we sadly got in so late that we missed panels we were interested in. We did however get to have dinner with all of friends over at Bayou Bob’s near the Paramount Theatre. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend for amazing Cajun food!

On that following Sunday, we did more of the same from Saturday, although I debuted Ms. Marvel this day! 😀 I was super excited to get photos of her, especially since by the mid-point of the day, the vinyl revealed a major defect and started ripping apart. I guess I’ll be making her a “battle-worn” version later on, lol! The lines on Sunday were horrible, however. This was definitely the main day of the convention, and it was obvious by the congestion. Kudos to the staff for continuing to hustle people through areas and making sure plenty of doors were open to allow traffic to flow around the con. We did manage to make it to one panel for the Make-A-Wish foundation’s silent auction… And while we failed at winning anything, it was awesome to see so many people involved. We turned in early however, since I had to work that night into the morning.

Monday, I got surprisingly early with what little sleep I had. We did last minute purchases and focused on hanging out with friends and some networking. My boyfriend and I had to leave early this day, because yet again, I had to work that night.

Overall, the convention was fun for me. The amount of people there was staggering at times, but everyone seemed friendly and there to enjoy themselves. The amount of scalpers I noticed was down from last year, and there were a lot more people working food vendors in the area. The dealers hall and artist alley were huge, definitely doubled in size, and everyone was doing well making sure to keep traffic flowing through both. Entry into the con each day went pretty quickly and was easy to go in and out of the convention center as long as your badge was visible. It felt like Denver Comic Con reflected on a lot of past comments and complaints and did their best to improve and make everyone happy.

…Now they just need Stan Lee to finally show! 😀

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I am a cosplayer, a nerd, a geek. I am whatever you call me. However, I have a brain and tend to use it.
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