Rocky Mountain Con 2015 Review

Over this last weekend, we had a local con held called Rocky Mountain Con. It was literally only November 7th and 8th, as it is a small event and venue, but the proceeds benefit the charity, Aurora Rise, which gives money to the family members and victims of the Aurora Theater shooting. I only attended Saturday, and while the single day pass was more than I hoped, the fact I know it’s going to charity solved that concern immediately.

The convention was held in a notorious hotel that used to house another local convention, Nan Desu Kan. It’s been remodeled, but it was very much similar to those “good, ol’ days”. My boyfriend and I had some difficulty locating the convention itself, due to coming in the wrong way and no signs directing anyone. However, we did find plenty of staff to help us out. After easily picking up our badges, we made our way to the vendor area, while I checked out the  handouts given. While helpful on what was in the area we were in, I couldn’t really figure out what events and panels were supposed to be taking place and where. I checked the website, but still really didn’t get an idea of locations, plus what programming there was… Yeah, slim to none would be an accurate statement.

However, for a small convention, the vendor area was pretty decently sized. They had a nice mix of artists, guests, and actual dealers working the crowd. Staff was constantly moving throughout, being very helpful and taking care of everyone there. I noticed immediately, though, some vendors seemed disinterested in selling their wares or striking up conversations, and there was a decent amount of price-gouging going on. However, my boyfriend and I definitely still managed to find lots of stuff to buy (even if we shouldn’t have, derp). There were a few industry guests, like Katrina Law, Chad Hardin, and George Perez, to name a few… But it was A LOT of cosplay guests. Now, this wouldn’t be an issue, at all, but some of them just seemed rather disinterested in actually interacting with attendees. I picked up a few prints from those donating proceeds to charity, but kinda… just avoided that area as a whole.

The attendees on a whole were all very friendly, with a lot of people asking for pictures of the boyfriend and I in our costumes. I had a few random conversations with people concerning other cons, guests, comics, and just experiences on a whole, which is one of my favorite things about small conventions. So, to say the least, I genuinely enjoyed the convention, and hope I can attend it again for both days next year.

However, some things that need to improve in summary? Scheduling/programming, more industry guests, and more advertisements for the con itself to bring more people in. I would like to see the dealers work a little better on interaction as well, but a convention can’t force that, lol. While enjoyable as an experience, those would definitely help make it even better.

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