Armor-Making Class and Buying Resource

I was recently contacted by a site I’ve been following for awhile that not only makes armor, but if you live near to their area, you can actually attend a class and learn to make your own!


For years, people have been asking Paul Hersey to teach them how to use the unique materials he’s developed to make his sculpted headdresses and gold armored bikinis. He is finally ready to tell his secrets!

Paul and his wife, Jennifer, run Organic Armor studio in Asheville, NC. The clientele for their custom work are an eclectic bunch – belly dance stars, metal band singers, professional mermaids, comic-con cosplayers, renowned photographers and other creative people from all over the world.  With their new online course “Introduction to the Organic Armor Arts” they are opening the door for other artists to explore this versatile combination of liquid rubber, fiber and acrylic.

The course will be an exciting addition to the tool boxes of performers who make their own costumes and props, as well as cosplayers and LARPers and masqueraders of all kinds. It offers a new way to make armor, headdresses and other pieces that comparable methods can’t accomplish without expensive and sometimes toxic materials.

“It works like paper mache but it’s lightweight, flexible and durable.” says Paul. “The tools are basic and the materials are inexpensive. It’s more than a technique, it’s really a new art form. I’ve been developing it for more than ten years and I am still discovering the possibilities.”

The course has been live since mid October. The website was launched at DragonCon, where Paul was a presenter in the Costuming Track. It takes the form of a series of streaming videos, viewable on demand, downloads, and online support forums.

Through teaching Paul hopes to build a community of artists who want to explore this new costuming art.

“Introduction to the Organic Armor Arts” is available at

Who:, cosplay commissions since 2007, and now courses and workshops
What: Online course teaching a unique sculptural method of making costumes for performers and cosplayers
When: Enrolling artists now
Where: Based in Asheville, NC, sold worldwide
Why: To empower artists to make amazing (and comfortable) costumes and props


Hope this helps people on future projects! 😀



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