Club Cosplay Denver Review

June 17th of Denver Comic Con, I left early to attend a new event that has recently come to Denver called Club Cosplay. Now, I know about the Los Angeles version through friends and the one there has been an astounding success from all I had heard… So, of course, I wanted to check the local one out! Now, I was low on cash, so I had signed up earlier this month for the costume contest, as it allowed free entry for participation.

Per my email, I was told to arrive by 8:30 p.m. sharp, and while I was maybe a minute late… I had nothing to worry about. I checked in and waited in line with other entrants and pre-paid peeps until almost 9 p.m. This wouldn’t have been an issue, but my fiancé, who purchased his ticket at the venue, got in almost 15 minutes ahead of everyone else. Whatever, new event, there’s bound to be hiccups. I head in, meet my fiancé, and realize there’s very few places to sit. Okay… Drinks, then! Mixed drinks were teeny and $9 a pop, while beer was $5 each. Guess what I switched to quickly.

They had a photo area as soon as you walked in being done by Nlightened Designs, which everyone was running over to, including myself. Admittedly, Esteban was awesome. He was friendly, encouraging, and quick with each shot. I was glad to finally get to meet the man.

After that, we made our way over to the main club section, which had more music actually playing and a lot more seating. There was a VIP section on the third level, and it was interesting… Some people got up there with no big deal, no questions asked, while others got told to stay out, bands or no bands. At one point, I witnessed where they were giving others there VIP bands to head up there for various reasons; partying hard, good costumes, etc. I felt it might have defeated the purpose of spending the actual money for VIP for those that did.

The second section had seating and was just a nice place to chill if you didn’t want to necessarily dance. The main dance area was below that, set up next to a pretty small, cramped stage. The music was great, though, and the performers were actually quite good, though the bass needed to be turned down to better hear the singing and such. Now, per my email for the costume contest, I was told to be at the green room at 10:30 p.m. Understandably, everything got pushed back, but I got varied answers when I asked where to be. I finally gave up and hung out at the rope, along with others. Finally, sometime around 11 p.m. (I think, as I legit had no watch), they had us line up.

Then we waited… and waited… Finally, we got into the green room, where all of us just sat around and chatted after checking in. We got told repeatedly what to do when called onstage, which was appreciated, just so everyone was on the same page. Finally, we headed up and everyone got about a minute or so onstage, doing 3 quick poses, but it was hard to move around on with all the judges up there, equipment, and just a small space in general. Once done, we went back to the green room and waited. They had us wait for judging while another performer did their set, then they called up complimentary prizes for several people (including myself). They handed out vouchers, but never stated who sponsored any of the prizes, including the best in show that went to an amazing female Thor. Also, all the winners were cramped onto the stage with the judges, so it made it a little difficult for everyone to be up there, lol.

After everything was done, the party continued on, but after being in heels all day, I was pooped. My fiancé and I made our way out, saying bye to people and doing some quick photos, then headed back to our hotel.

Overall, I felt the event was a great idea, but the organization was lacking. They almost seemed more concerned with getting photos and reactions from the crowds than actually taking care of everything. The drinks were very over-priced compared to other places around town I could’ve drank at. I’d be willing to go to another one again, for sure, as long as they worked out some kinks with the planning. It was definitely fun, and the performers were great, but with time, I could see it being something pretty dang cool.

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