Denver Comic Con 2016 Review

Another year, another Denver Comic Con. This year, we were very laid back in our attendance, even though I might have gone a little crazy with finishing costumes prior to the convention.

My fiancé and I actually went to our hotel on Thursday night, but instead of our usual Hyatt Regency stay, we went with the Hilton Garden Inn, which had recently been remodeled. We kept low-key, meeting up with friends and playing some Cards Against Humanity, in hopes to get up early the next day for the actual convention.

Friday, I managed to finally crawl out of bed and get into costume around noon. We missed the long badge line of everyone waiting to get in, and proceeded down to the con as Lana and Archer from the Archer TV series. We had a lot of people enjoy us being dorks as the characters, and we primarily focused on getting a lot of comic books graded and then waiting in line to get Stan Lee’s autograph. This was the major hiccup of the con for me…

Stan Lee started signing earlier than expected and the man is a machine for his age, but they took care of Speed Passes and VIPs first, no matter how long everyone else had been waiting. In the past, people signing pause and let one or two regular people through at the same time, just to keep things moving. I don’t know if it was his handlers or staff of DCC that did this for this year, but it was causing everyone to get grumpy.

However, everyone did make it through and get to briefly chat with Stan Lee, and little kids he’d make sure to greet and shake their hands. It was worth the wait to just experience and get his signature.

After that, I had been in heels for well over 5 hours and needed food. We changed out, ate at our hotel, and got me into Poison Ivy from Batman for Club Cosplay Denver. You can read that review here. Once back to the hotel that night, we had another snafu with friends getting food poisoning, so I ended up taking care of them until they started feeling well enough to sleep. Our hotel proved to be awesomely staffed, as the front desk helped us out with a ton of water bottles for free and offering up medication on hand that would help. ❤

My fiancé and I got up late again on Saturday, missing the line once more. I went to the con as Psylocke from X-Men and managed to walk the entirety of the Dealer’s Hall and see everything. We bought some art prints, met up with a few friends and took some pictures, and then I picked up Lena Heady’s autograph for a friend. She was super nice and had a blast making jokes with me. I also did the 3D scanning  and paid to receive a figure of myself at 3DWerks after winning one from Club Cosplay’s costume contest.

We left later in the day to get food and met up with some friends and had a relatively chill night. There was a bit of drama, but it doesn’t pertain to this post, so I’ll say it really isn’t worth going into, lol.

We got up early on Sunday and finished packing up, taking everything we already had home before coming back to finish the convention. We then went around and picked up several comics, some more art, and chatted with friends before heading home. I never wore a costume this day as it was waaaaaay too hot and I was pretty well exhausted.

So, overall, I enjoyed the convention, but I had a few things to nitpick this year from what I experienced and noticed… While there was a nice line-up of celebrities, it seemed less than last year’s picks, and I know some cancelled this year because of scheduling conflicts. I also barely saw any panels that were terribly noteworthy, and in previous years, you usually had to plan a decent schedule to fit in a ton of panels. While lines moved quickly, the whole thing at Stan Lee’s booth made me cringe, but again, that may be his people and not DCC’s fault. Lastly, a huge shout out to the Hilton Garden Inn for being one of my best hotel stays ever. Great food, awesome staff, and a nice atmosphere. I’ll be staying there again next year, for sure.

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