Werks 3D Review

For Denver Comic Con, I attended an event known as Club Cosplay, where I won a free 3D scan with a company known as Werks 3D. Now, they’ve been a staple at the convention for the last couple of years or so and I’ve seen friends get scanned in their costumes, soooo… Of course I had to try it out!

I went on Saturday, early in the afternoon, and looked over everything. My scan was free, but it usually costs money, and I’d say it’s in the moderate price range. It gets expensive when you pick out the figurine you want, depending on size, material, and coloration. I went with a smaller colored figurine, while I was dressed as Psylocke from X-Men. The booth informed me they were running behind and that I’d need to come back in a couple of hours to do the scan. They added me to the list and off I went until it was my turn!

When I got back to the booth at my time, they instructed me on how to stand in the scanner and to maintain the pose the entire duration. I got in and stood on a little pedestal, and with help from the creator, he got me posed best for the figurine I’d picked out. Little figurines can break off on pieces if they’re overly detailed, so we made sure to do things to avoid that. I stood in my pose, still as possible, while the pedestal turned and scanned. I think I was in there for a little over five minutes, at most 8. Once finished, the creator had me come look at the scan and agree if I liked it or not. They then informed me I’d get status on shipping and such after the convention via email.

After the con, about a week or so later, I did get emailed about everything was currently being printed and shipping would be in the following month. No joke, they were perfect on their time estimation, and lo and behold, my little “self” arrived. Now, straight out of the box, the colors look off, but they photograph beautifully. The figurine does look exactly like me in my costume. I actually got a little confidence boost seeing I have a nice figure, lol!

All in all, it as a fun experience. It costs a decent penny, but the end result is pretty cool. I wouldn’t do something like this all the time, but certain costumes? Oh yeah, that’ll be worth it.



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