Club Cosplay Denver Review…. 2!

Club Cosplay Denver has done quite a few events since the first one around Denver Comic Con 2016, and unfortunately, I never got to attend any of the others. I had continued to hear some awesome stuff about the event, so when one was announced on a day I had off… I had to go!

This time, on April 15th, my fiancé and I just decided to show and buy tickets, which were $10 a person (not bad at all) and proceeded inside of the Alchemy Arts and Event Center. This place was EXCEPTIONALLY small in comparison to other locations Club Cosplay has been held at, but hey, it’s how it goes. They had a center stage set up, with some couches around the dance floor and bar area, but it was a decent place for the size. We arrived after everything had started, but the music was a nice selection with several DJs. They had dancers again, who were doing their best to get everyone involved, as were the emcees for the show.

Now, to purchase drinks, you had to buy tickets (4 for $20), which wasn’t the worst idea. However, while they checked ID at the door, they didn’t check ID for alcoholic drinks. While that won’t hurt my feelings, that’s super bad with the way liquor laws work.

There was about… 70 people there, most of which were involved in the event itself. There was at least 8 photographers off and on running around, getting photos and video. The dancers were working their butts off, and they had a guest performer who had a beautiful voice… But screwed up Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”. The emcees were both working the crowd and doing well, but the actual guests primarily just interacted with each other, photographers, and event staff.

While I had planned to stick around and watch the costume contest… I chose to leave. It was just very lackluster in comparison to the first one from DCC. We ended up trolling a local bar in costume instead, but it was a decent way to end the evening.

Overall, I still feel the event is a great idea, and the organization struck me as it had gotten better. The performers were still good and the drink prices were better, but there is always a safer way to distribute alcohol (I work security, so I think about these things ; P). The major let down for me was just the event venue itself, with how small it was. The guests being less than interactive didn’t help either. However, I still plan on going to at least one more Club Cosplay event before I can really say I have a final verdict on it all. I missed quite a few, so I can’t judge just based off of the two times I’ve gone. There’s always room for improvements!

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I am a cosplayer, a nerd, a geek. I am whatever you call me. However, I have a brain and tend to use it.
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4 Responses to Club Cosplay Denver Review…. 2!

  1. Mindy says:

    are you based in Denver then? I’m last minute making my cosplay for next weekend…and stumbled upon your site for the gold painting advice 🙂

    • Yunie says:

      I am! I’ll be wandering around Denver Comic Con all weekend! 😀

      • Mindy says:

        How cool! I am so glad I came upon your blog! It’s helpful 🙂 I’ve sewed before but this is my first year to use foam and really go all out. I’m nervous!

      • Yunie says:

        You got this! The first time I used foam, I was terrified too. And if something goes wrong, just remember, you can always fix it later. ❤ I learned that quite a few times, lol!

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