Tips for First Time Con Attendees!

I was approached to construct a list of tips for first-time attendees for conventions by While they’re more focused on one for LVL Up Expo, I made one that can be applied to various conventions!

1. Secure your tickets for the con prior to the con, whether for the weekend or just one day. Why? You’ll save money! 😀
2. If you’re staying the whole weekend, I find it easier to stay at a hotel for the venue. The con itself will have listings for hotels, but sometimes you can find better deals within walking distance. For a con like LVL Up Expo, you can even use a site Las Vegas travel deals for flight and hotel packages!
3. Make sure to make a list for your packing, especially if you’re bringing costumes! You don’t want to get to the con and realize something important was left at home!
4. Pack at least a day before your flight/trip, that way, should something else come up that you need to take, you can easily pack it without stressing out! 😀
5. Once you get to your destination, check in and get settled. Take a few moments to relax and meet up with friends. I like to fly out a day before the con, just to take some time to chill and get a feel for the area.
6. Make sure to get lots of sleep! Being rested, fed, and hydrated are always super important! And please keep your hygiene in mind!
7. Plan out what exhibits, panels, and guests you most want to see and make a schedule for yourself. If you’re more focused on cosplay, check out the photoshoots scheduled or ask about them with the con organizers! 😀 You always want to get some shots of the cosplay you worked your butt off on!
8. Do not be afraid to make new friends! You never know, they can be some of best friends for the future and good travel buddies! (I’m looking at you, Etaru!)
9. HAVE FUN. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING! Even if you find yourself not necessarily enjoying the con or it’s a slow day there, check out the area you’re in! 😀
10. Make sure to plan some time the day before you leave to pack up. Remember those lists? They help make sure things don’t get left behind either!

What tips do you guys have for new convention attendees? Please comment below with them! 😀

About Yunie

I am a cosplayer, a nerd, a geek. I am whatever you call me. However, I have a brain and tend to use it.
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