Coloured Contacts Review

Recently, I was contacted by Coloured Contacts to do a review for them on a couple of their products! I admittedly do not wear contact lenses, but my wonderful fiancé offered to be the guinea pig for this review! 😀

We received the Misty Green 30 Day lenses and the Sunburst 30 Day lenses. Now, to give some quick information, these are special effects contact lenses, not prescription. Coloured Contacts was very clear about their instructions on proper wear and care, which can be located here and I highly suggest following these before ordering and/or wearing!

Our lenses arrived very quickly and came in some neat packaging!

My fiancé quickly tried on the Sunburst lenses, which were a little freaky looking to say the least! He made it very clear that he could see through them and they weren’t uncomfortable. They were very easy to put in, and while his eyes felt a little dry, it wasn’t anything unusual compared to normally wearing contacts.

He then tried on the Misty Green 30 Day lenses and stated they were his favorite. Again, very comfortable and not obtrusive to his vision. They were also super easy to put in and nothing out of the normal with dryness. They were also a little freaky looking, kind of reminding me of eyes of a doll!

I can safely say Coloured Contacts has some neat lenses for a variety of looks. I know they also carry zombie lenses, bright blue ones similar to the Misty Green, and a ton of others! They also have nifty aftercare blog posts and YouTube guides on how to properly insert and wear your lenses. Plus, they sent us some awesome contacts cases. With a bunny. I LOVE IT.


Coloured Contacts case

I definitely recommend checking out this company, but again, only if you have healthy eyes to do so as they are special effects lenses! You can check them out at not only their website linked above, but their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram pages!

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4 Responses to Coloured Contacts Review

  1. Randi Rowlett says:

    Quite literally the WORST customer service I have ever endured in my life. I would not suggest spending one red cent with these crooks, worthless.

  2. Joanie says:

    I just ordered contacts from this company and they were not at all like the image. They did nothing to my eyes. Barely lightened. I messaged the company and was told that the images are simply illistrations. Nowhere on the website does it say the color varies but they do. I was messaged back and told they were sorry they didn’t work like I thought they would but they would not refund because I had tried them on.

    I am beyond disappointed in this company.

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