Follow-Up on Article about Anime Matsuri

Earlier, I made a blog post about the convention, Anime Matsuri, discussing it’s rather rough history, involving fraud, possible embezzlement, and sexual harassment. I hadn’t done a follow-up, and with so many things taking place, I felt it was appropriate to do so.

As of today, all legal actions being pursued by the convention have been dropped, including their rather idiotic pursuit against Scarfing Scarves. You can see the official statement from John Leigh here.

Since the Boycott Anime Matsuri movement is in full swing and continuing to get more stories and information out there, a lot has happened with the convention losing some pretty key guests. VOLKS, the voice actors from Overwatch, and even Cosplay Deviants have all decided to respectfully decline their presence at the convention. It’ll be interesting to see who else drops attendance as word continues to spread.

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