Magic Angel Eyes Contacts Review

So, about a month or so ago, I was asked to review some contact lenses for Magic Angel Eyes, a contacts store that I was also blogging for on their site. I was more than happy to oblige, as the plan was to do a different pair of lenses each month and hopefully help with their marketing.

It was an adventure to say the least. I’ll explain more after the review of the Black Wolf Contacts we picked out.


My husband wearing the Black Wolf Contacts, with camera flash

When we selected the Black Wolf Contact lenses, I was surprised at how quickly they shipped. They normally sell in the store for $30, but as I was doing a review, I got them for free. They were packaged well, kept in protective solution and we made sure to rinse them in actual contacts solution and let them sit for about a day before my husband put them in.

Once he put the contacts in, he realized they were slightly thicker than previous ones we had reviewed. His eyes took slightly longer (about an hour) to adjust, but once they did, he didn’t have too many issues… And I gotta say, they looked really cool.

My husband liked them, but stated they did create an “overcast” over his vision, so everything appeared darker. With the amount of black to the lenses, that didn’t really seem surprising. He did state they did mess with his peripheral vision, and again, we’re pretty sure it’s because of how dark everything was. He wore the lenses for a few hours, which is what was recommended for longest wear-time, and took them out. His eyes didn’t have any issues or reactions to them, which is always good!

So, the Black Wolf Contacts definitely are a good product; the look great, they wear decent, and they have a long contact life if they’re well taken care of.

But the company, Magic Angel Eyes? I absolutely DO NOT recommend. I wrote for them for about 3 months. I was asked to start doing the monthly contacts reviews, and I was more than happy to oblige. I had planned to help other cosplayers receive sponsorship via the company for contact lens reviews. They set and agreed to the rate of $30 an article, at 2 articles a week. After the first month of writing for them, it was a constant battle of getting paid the right amounts on time. They got 2 weeks behind at one point, and continuously argued with me, claiming they needed to research the problem, when I outright showed them the amount of articles, compared what they had paid (both sets of records; theirs and mine), and got dragged along for weeks.

Finally, they put all marketing on a “temporary hiatus” and said I’d be paid the owed $120. I had to issue an ultimatum when deadlines would come and go of billing them on PayPal.

I researched the company even more in-depth than when I had started writing for them. I had seen the occasional bad review, and ignored them. I then learned they had stolen video, without credits, from other cosplayers and used it for advertising purposes. On top of that, the random people I was supposed to be speaking with were all one person literally giving me the run-around on paying. I was supposed to be paid March 9th and finally requested the money on March 10th and finally received back payment owed on March 11th.

So, while their product isn’t terrible, their business practices are absolutely shady. You DO NOT steal other people’s work. You DO NOT give people the run-around on money owed to them. You DO NOT give sad excuses to employees and customers about “business transitioning issues” when it’s just ONE employee making the mistakes.

As part of this cosplay community, I will tell you all, AVOID THIS BUSINESS. There are better ones out there to order from who don’t jerk people around because they feel that’s okay to do.

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