Cosplay Planner by WindoftheStars Review

So, this review has been a long time in the making, and I sincerely apologize! But, I legitimately was using the product to plan the work on my newest Elektra cosplay I’m debuting at Denver Comic Con! ❤

WindoftheStars asked around for people to test her new printable Cosplay Planner, and I jumped at the chance to help her out. I quickly downloaded my copy and printed it out to start testing everything included.


Daily Planner pages come in 3 variations

So, to start things off, there is a quick little introduction to the product and her ideas behind it. Then the planner goes into three different versions of daily planner pages to use, as shown above. I tried out each one to discover what I liked and worked best for me!


One of the Daily Planner pages in use

I did okay with this form for the daily planner, as I could write and cross off items as I worked. I used the little shopping list and enjoyed the notation to Stay Hydrated! I didn’t use the Goals area, however, because I had a hard time staying as on track as I wanted to this day.


Another page for the Daily Planner

This was probably my favorite set-up because of the check boxes. It’s another way for me to physically see my progress and stay more on track!


Final variation of the Daily Planner

So, while I like the check boxes, I hated the timing of items on this part. I never keep track of my time on projects, so for me, it was just a waste of space.


Included Shopping List pages!

The Shopping List pages were a nice touch, and I think we all need a way to better organize our lists when we use them!


Costume Overview page

I actually really enjoyed the Costume Overview page, as I could track all the costume pieces I have to make, wig information, contact lenses information, and make-up information. Clearly on this project I didn’t need it all, but for big pieces, having an overview page would be awesome to keep track and add on anything you might have missed as you go along!


Weekly Planner variations

The planner goes into three different versions of weekly planner pages to use as well, as shown above. I tried out each one to discover what I liked and worked best for me much like I did with the daily ones!


One of the weekly planner pages

This weekly planner page worked well, but wasn’t my absolute favorite to use. The shopping list and open days worked well, but it seemed somewhat redundant with the to do list and priorities as well.


Another variation of the Weekly Planner

This was my favorite variation of the Weekly Planner, cause, you know, check boxes! I also liked the set up for the shopping list so I could keep track of the total spent for the week!


Final form of the Weekly Planner

While I don’t mind making lists, I can safely say this was my least favorite set-up for the Weekly Planner. I guess I needed more structure to keep me in check for getting items done.

The Planner also links to a Google Document that allows you to calculate your budget for the costume via formulas that WindoftheStars created. It’s actually super helpful and I recommend using it, especially for big projects!

Overall, I feel the Planner is a good concept. The budgeting aspects are amazing and something I cannot recommend enough, and I do like the variations included for everything. The major thing I suggest changing may be the color tones, as they are slightly difficult to see once printed, but not enough to be a huge deal.

For those interested, you can visit WindoftheStars’ site and purchase your own copy of the Cosplay Planner for $5!

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I am a cosplayer, a nerd, a geek. I am whatever you call me. However, I have a brain and tend to use it.
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