Denver Comic Con 2018 Review

Once again, my husband and I attended Denver Comic Con this year, which says a lot, as we were pretty unsure about possibly returning after last year’s convention. We got our tickets early, and upon the announcement of Frank Miller attending, I pre-ordered his autograph as DCC stated that was the only way to receive it. That last part is important later on, but we’ll get there.

We had no issues getting into the Hilton Garden Inn again, which has easily become my favorite hotel for the convention. They’re always friendly, efficient, and their little restaurant has good food (and is cheaper than eating at the con). So, once we got to our room, I quickly changed into my new Poison Ivy and headed to the con.

Once to the con, they had two entrances this year for regular pass holders, an extra one for ADA and Speed Pass holders, and another for Exhibitors and Vendors. I was very happy to see we increased the entrances so people wouldn’t be walking around in the heat as much as last year. They had a much bigger security check area, but the Argus Security did the pathetic bag checks again, where stuff easily got snuck in. They also did the wand detectors, but while some would do a thorough check, others would not. Props that weren’t supposed to make it in did, as did clothing choices that Denver Comic Con had not permitted. Argus chose not to police it, though, so DCC stayed hands-off as well.

To redeem your tickets this year, you could either download an app (which seemed to work quite well), show your card, or show your ID. We got in very quickly, and had a harder time finding a lanyard to display our badges, lol! We made our way around, mainly figuring out the layout for this year, then headed up to the Exhibition Halls to check out Celebrity Summit and the Merchandise and Artists area’s layout.

Celebrity Summit was away from everything again, but they were strict about the No Photography rule, until the last day. Then no one seemed to care what was going on, including control of the lines. Every guest area was labeled and the lines and photo ops were set up decent again, so at least there wasn’t too many issues throughout the weekend.

The Merchandise and Artists area was laid out immensely better than last year. It was a lot easier to navigate and locate specific vendors you were looking for. The Food Court was also easy to find, as was the Kids’ area, however, the latter caused a lot of traffic jams because of the line system put out in the middle of the aisle. Saturday made it impossible for Volunteers to control.

After getting some of the autographs we wanted, my husband and I started meeting up with friends and grabbing photos. The Cosplay Summit was in the same location as last year, so once again, the lighting wasn’t all that great. But since more of the convention center was opened up, we’d just go find a better area to take photos. I signed up for the Cosplay Catwalk upon a visit down to this area, as a friend just recently took over the Cosplay portion of the con and honestly, I wanted her to have what she needed to be successful. So, strutting around on stage was added unexpectedly to the agenda for Saturday, lol! Some other things occurred that were neat on Friday, but I’m not allowed to discuss it until the video debuts. ;D

After all of that, we returned to the hotel and got changed out, wandered a little bit more around the con, met our group for the annual Bayou Bob’s dinner, and my girls and crashed out. The boys went out about the town, but turned in early when they realized most people weren’t partying Friday night, lol!

Saturday we got up, saw my friends off, and had breakfast before getting into costume. My husband wore his Captain Mal again, while I debuted Hela. We met up with a friend, got into the con easily, and meandered about. We did photos off and on, realized the Exhibition Hall was super crowded, so we traveled about halfway through before giving up and letting all of us go back and eat food in the hotel room. We also needed the air conditioning to all cool off for a bit, plus give me a break from my boots. After our break, we returned and continued just exploring until I had to go line up for the Cosplay Catwalk.

My husband and friends went off to eat while I hung out with people in line and chilled. We were going on after the actual contestants for the Cosplay Contest did their thing and entertain the audience while they waited for judging. Most of the people in line hadn’t done walk-ons before, but the staff for the cosplay contest were really good about explaining everything and getting us all lined up to go on stage. It was actually a lot of fun to just go on and ham it up for a minute, then chill in the audience and cheer everyone else on. The judges took a bit of time judging, but the MCs for the contest were entertaining. After they did the awards (which had a nice variety and I was actually quite impressed), the contest ended and all of us left. I went back to the hotel, changed, and chilled with friends for the rest of the evening. The boys checked out the Hard Rock After-Party and I’m hoping to do it next year! 😀

Sunday was the usual getting everything ready for checking out of the hotel. I got into Elektra, and we headed to valet and stored everything in our car, then went to the con. We got there decently early, as I had been given the Frank Miller signing times and told to bring the proof of payment to get it redeemed for his autograph. I arrived to a huge line and discovered that it didn’t matter if you paid or not, everyone was in the same line. I was livid, but waited, and got cut off right before redemption. So, since we now had to stay longer than planned, we made the best of it. We got a few more autographs that we hadn’t been able to get and finished checking out the Dealer’s area and bought some items there as well. We also grabbed food, and just chilled in the Food Court, before grabbing some quick pictures and heading back to the line.

At least the line was moving this time, but no Volunteers were marking where the end was. People cut others in line, were taking photos of Miller without permission, and basically the rules for the weekend just went out the window. After my autograph, we went and got our vehicle and headed home.

So, overall? I enjoyed the con a LOT more than last year. I felt things flowed together better and I know they made a lot of staff changes, which showed. The convention staff itself did awesome. Argus on the other hand still needs to get its act together. I snuck in stuff. Other people snuck in stuff. It all comes down to everyone is needing to be on their A game if we’re keeping these rules and security checkpoints… Otherwise, what’s the point of it all?

We’ll be back next year and I’m definitely looking forward to what Denver Comic Con 2019 brings! 😀

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