Starlit Creations Review

First and foremost, yes, these ladies are friends of mine. However, I really am a fan of supporting businesses and giving reviews so you know what you’re potentially buying. Seeing as how they run a small business with a lot of items for cosplayers, I figured it was time to sit down and do their review.


Sailor Moon Classic combo from Starlit Creations

Starlit Creations has been around for some time now, and I’ve purchased cosplay accessories, costumes, jewelry, and other goodies from them over the years. I’m going to choose a few items from their store and review them, then do an overall review based off my experiences. πŸ˜€

The ladies have two stores, so I’ll start off with their one that they primarily sell patches in. The first store is Starnigh Industries and I’ll review a couple of items! πŸ˜€

The first item is their embroidered hand towels, much like this one here. We have several from them, including Firefly-themed ones, Black Widow, and the Punisher. We use them as basic hand towels for the bathrooms, and they wash super well without any issues on the patches. All have held up for a few years now without a single problem and I wholeheartedly support buying them as a geeky thing to add into your house. ❀

The second item is their embroidered baby bibs, like this cute one here! I’ve purchased quite a few of these for friends, including Harry Potter-themed ones and Avengers-themed ones. They attach via Velcro and are washable, with the only major thing being that they are decently sized, so if you are buying them for a baby under 7 lbs., they may potentially be a wee bit too big. However, babies do grow quickly and anything that’s too big will eventually fit. πŸ˜€

The second store is the one with cosplay items and some jewelry! It’s called Starlit Creations and again, I’ll review a couple of items from there too!

Their Ginzuishou necklace located here is one of the first items I actually purchased from their store! It’s an easy cosplay accessory to Princess Serenity that holds up over time since it’s a hard plastic/acrylic. Affordable and long-lasting is always a win-win!

While I haven’t done a full Sailor Mercury cosplay, I’ve seen some of their older brooches and worn the Mercury earrings before! So this pre-made set here is another one I’ll review! The brooches stand up over time and are relatively customizable, depending on how you want them to shine and look. They apply pin-backs to each one and they are super sturdy (mine withstood dancing to Sera My, so…. there ya go) and the earrings are easy to wear. They can come for either pierced or non-pierced ears depending on your preference. ❀

Overall, for your accessory needs to just geeky likes, I suggest ordering from Starlit Creations. Both ladies work hard and really do want to help make your costuming experiences easier. They’re also quite understandable should something go wrong with the products as long as you let them know the issue. They really do appreciate feedback as it helps them develop items better or just new ones overall! So, check them out at their Facebook page here, their patches/embroidery shop here, and their cosplay accessories shop here!


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