In Memorium: Callie Cosplay


Callie Cosplay as Ms. Marvel from Marvel Comics, photo by David Love Photography

On October 5th, the following statement was released by Callie Cosplay’s mother on her Facebook fan page:

“It deeply saddens me to say that my dear daughter, Leah Delaney, aka Callie Cosplay, has passed away. Her brother, Carter Ross, and I find comfort in knowing that Leah is no longer in pain and is now with her Daddy. Leah loved each and every one of her fans, and she considered all of you to be her friends and family. Thank you for the love and support you showed Leah during her short cosplay career and young life. A copy of her obituary will be posted as soon as it is available.
Leah’s Mom, aka Mama
Debra Burroughs”


Callie Cosplay as Zatanna from DC Comics, photo by Saffels Photography

Callie Cosplay, Leah, had been suffering from a multitude of medical issues for years, but still did an insane amount of work in the cosplay scene, from being on Patreon to attending conventions. She had a large fanbase and a lot of friends she had made who supported her, through thick and thin, and to say the community is hurting right now would be a huge understatement.

Leah openly spoke about her struggles and everything she was going through, and was never shy on discussing her treatments and how much everyone’s support meant to her. We can all take solace in the fact she is no longer in pain and that so many people are coming together in this tragedy.


Callie Cosplay as Mystique from Marvel Comics, make-up by Elia Lizacano, photo by David Love Photography

Rest in Peace, Callie Cosplay. ❤ And this page is going to continue to send love and support to her friends, family, and fans that are hurting.

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1 Response to In Memorium: Callie Cosplay

  1. Daniele Zucchi says:

    She was truly beautiful and I loved her photos as a cosplayer and I was sad to learn of her death just today: my condolences to her family. Rest in peace beautiful Leah

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