Arson Victims from Anime Los Angeles

This year’s Anime Los Angeles unfortunately made the news after a man decided to stalk a cosplayer and then set fire to her vehicle and those surrounding it. Happily, no one was injured, but the people whose cars were damaged and/or destroyed are now having hard times paying for it all. Happily, one person on Twitter made a list of the victims’ donation pages and I decided to also bring it over here for those interested in helping.

  1. Julia’s vehicle was the prime target of her now incarcerated stalker and is totaled. You can help her out via this donation link here.
  2. Vane’s car was parked next to Julia’s and was also totaled. You can help via donation here.
  3. Leon’s vehicle was also next to Julia’s and was declared totaled. You can help him out at this link here.
  4. Blake’s vehicle was also involved in the ensuing fire and again, declared totaled. You can donate via this link here.

If you cannot donate, please share around to help our fellow cosplayers out. We may have some bad ones in this community, but we also have a ton of amazing people who outweigh the nasty ones! ❤


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