Cosplay Budgeting: How I Made Marishka from Van Helsing Cheaper

This year, my friends at Starlit Creations and I decided to finally make Dracula’s Brides from the Van Helsing movie and we tried to all help each other out as we could with doing it cheaper. I figured I’d share some of the things I figured out along the way to help cut costs and save a little bit of money on my cosplay and potentially theirs.


Yunie as Marishka, with Starlit Creations as Aleera and Verona, from Van Helsing

First and foremost, the blonde lace front wig I’m wearing was one my friends already had. They gave it to me and I sent them links to cheaper wigs I figured could work for them. The exchange saved me at least $30!

All the belt fabric, shoulder pieces, and the main fabric for the top were given to me by the girls with the linings of all being fabric I already owned in my own hoard. I shopped around on Etsy and found the sheer silver-lined fabric for the pants and bought enough to give to Starlit Creations to help them not have to buy more fabric on their own. I then shopped around to buy the sheer for the capes at a lower cost and bigger volume after finding screen-accurate fabric at $50 a yard… which wasn’t going to work. So I bought extra of the sheer and iron-on vinyl to make my own fabric, which cost me $50 all-around instead; basically over $200 saved!

We all shopped around and used coupons to get the trims that were as close as we could find to what was used in the film. I also shopped around and would find pricing and buy what I needed for cheaper by comparing various sites. Admittedly, Etsy, Amazon, and Mood Fabrics ended up being my go-to for all the trims.

As for the shoes, we all just shopped around for the cheapest sandals we could find that would match. With the jewelry, we shared items and made our own pieces from things we already had. The girls created their own embroidery and hand-stitched all the beadwork, which turned out beautifully.

All-around, Marishka from Van Helsing should’ve been almost a $400 endeavor and I spent about $150 over all after working with my friends to source items and materials. I’m unsure on how much they spent/saved from what they estimated the costumes would have cost them, but I’m sure taking the time to shop around helped out.


About Yunie

I am a cosplayer, a nerd, a geek. I am whatever you call me. However, I have a brain and tend to use it.
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