Colorado Springs Comic Con 2019 Review

I decided to attend Colorado Springs Comic Con this year upon the announcement of Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) being in attendance. After discussing it with the husband, we decided to attend a single day as we didn’t really want to splurge and get a hotel room until we had attended and knew how it would be… Wise decision.

I chose to not go in costume due to the fact I knew we’d be driving all over the place and that just didn’t sound appealing. The convention is held in the space that Sears used to occupy in the Chapel Hills Mall down in Colorado Springs. The price for Saturday admission is equivalent to the same admission price for a day at Denver Pop Culture Con, and you go through security at any entrance and honestly, that was a little more thorough than at DPCC, but not by much.

Upon getting into the con, we immediately noticed it was overcrowded for such a small space and laid out confusingly. Volunteers we asked for directions were kind and knew where to direct us, but a lot of them seemed unsure on times of signings and panels. We made it to Robert Englund’s autograph line, and while it was small, it was chaos. There were patterns on the floor for line ups, but no one directing or giving any information on what to do. I actually ended up getting everyone going in the proper line before a volunteer showed up and vaguely gave us ideas on times Englund would be returning to sign.

Everyone in line was chill and we all just chatted amongst ourselves as we waited, occasionally helping control the line when new people joined. I had a negative interaction with a cosplay guest during this time, who didn’t have a badge on explaining who they were while I was trying to help with the line and they proceeded to get increasingly rude towards me. At least they must have said something, because we finally got volunteers doing line control after that encounter.

After that bit, it was smooth sailing. Englund came over, did his signings and chatted with everyone a little bit and just was an overall, kind and awesome celebrity guest. After we were done there, my husband and I decided to walk around and actually check everything out to feel like we actually got time in the con for the money we spent to get in.

Again, the overall layout was confusing, but there was a decent variety of vendors selling at the con. We picked up an art print for a friend and checked things out in general. They had a curtained off area to be panels/main stage, which was odd, but made sense for the space the convention occupied. There was an off-shoot corner area that was for the cosplay guests, but it was kind of hard to find. Most of the guests were local, which was neat to see! The celebrity guest line-up was fairly impressive, with most of the guests signing all weekend. They had a little food truck area and if that wasn’t enough, you could easily access the food court in the mall itself.

Overall, however, I found Colorado Springs Comic Con lacking. I would definitely attend for guests, but the area is overcrowded, poorly laid out, and overall rather disorganized. I think with more time and bigger space, the con could actually turn into something worthy of the price of admission, but for now, I’ll just step back and watch it hopefully grow.

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I am a cosplayer, a nerd, a geek. I am whatever you call me. However, I have a brain and tend to use it.
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