Polly Plastics Review Part II: Thermal Sheets

Right after Denver Pop Culture Con, I was approached about obtaining thermoplastics from Polly Plastics to work with and review. Me, being me, I had to get a variety pack from their site here to test out the different forms of thermoplastics that Polly Plastics offers! To properly do this review, however, I decided to do this in two parts.

The previous piece is here and is all about working with the thermal beads. This current part is concerning the thermal sheets of plastic I received! I sat and thought about it and decided to attempt to make Scarlet Witch’s headpiece for a future costume! I even did a livestream to show people how it worked and of course… I learned from my own mistakes, lol!

I took a wig head and put duct tape over it as a means to be able to sculpt to a “head” without potentially burning myself. I set it aside on a wig stand and had it ready to go for later. I highly recommend doing something like this for any type of sculpting for your head to begin with as a safety precaution. Melting plastics to your skin is an absolutely terrible idea. ; P

I then drew out the basic shape and made some quick measurements to draw the planned piece onto the plastic. I then began cutting off the excess and saved those pieces for later use; the best part of working on thermoplastics is that keeping the excess you don’t use is good because you can melt and reuse it later.


The thermal sheet with my Scarlet Witch sketched on, and pieces being cut

I then continued cutting everything out and realized one slight problem…. I don’t have a heat gun to use. So, melting and forming this is now going to be interesting to say the least. However, I remembered hot water works for the thermoplastic beads, so I decided to grab a casserole dish and put the piece in.


Scarlet Witch headpiece in the casserole dish

Then I used the coffee pot to make a lot of hot water and poured it in. As soon as the plastic began to turn clear… I realized mistakes had been made, lmao!!! There was no way to just bend the plastic into Scarlet Witch’s headpiece like I had planned, as the entire structure was compromised by my poor decision.


Well…. We got a problem

At this point, I realized, the ability to simply bend and structure this piece was gone, and now it was just goop. I decided to just play with it at that point and see what I could make from it. I used it as a learning experience and simply to use a heat gun or even a hair dryer with temperature controls for next time. But hey, I was having fun at this point just playing around.


Well, I guess that happened

This was stupid fun to work on, even though it was all mistakes made on my side. I had fun playing around with the thermal sheet, even if I literally made some weird, lumpy mask, lol! Lessons were learned and clean up was still stupid easy. I dumped the water, let my mask dry, marked the eyeholes and have it ready to go for the next time. I think I’ll heat it up with something a bit more controllable next time to play with it, though! πŸ˜€

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2 Responses to Polly Plastics Review Part II: Thermal Sheets

  1. That moment when you realize the method you were attempting isn’t going to work πŸ˜› I have those occasionally too!

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